Sunday, May 20, 2007


Thekkady - Atop a hill,this hill station is famous for the Mullai Periyar dam.Human created mamooth,which time and again implies that " Nothing is Impossible".This can be reached only by road.It is located in the Tamilnadu - Kerala border.The highlight of this place is the boating in the dam.On above to the boating Thekkady is famous for trekking,bird watching,body massage,yoga and the famous Kalari and Kathakali shows - Nativity of Kerala..

Rural Houshold

A Rural household

Courtralam by Night

Courtralam - The most famous water falls in Tamilnadu.As the water is flowing through the mountains and over many a herbs in the forests,the water is considered to have medical values.The best part of the falls is the force with which it falls on us.We will feel as if we are being hit by a continuos flow of rock rather than water.There is a total of 6 falls in that area namely Shenbagadevi Aruvi,Main Aravi,Old Coutralam Aruvi,Puli aruvi,Five Aruvi and Then Aruvi.The season starts from End June and goes till mid September and heavily depends on the Kerala Monsoon

Our Ancestors

Just a reminder about from where we emerged - The Evolution of Mankind

The Travel to Ooty

The travel to OOTY should NOT BE DONE through the road rather should be done ONLY THROUGH THIS TRAIN which runs from Mettupalayam.The travel takes close to 4 hrs but it is worth spending the time.The innumerable falls,the forest,the animals can be enjoyed throughout the journey and the most enjoyable is the train in which we travel wherein we can just get down from the train and can walk along with it,but beware of the guards..

Be Careful

Be Careful - There is someone waiting at home for you.Always be careful..

Land of Culture

A Church in the Middle of a Lake.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

OOR KAVAL THEIVAM - Saviour of the Village

Each and every village in Tamilnadu has its own "OOR KAVAL THEIVUM" - Saviour of the Village.The mythology or the belief is that this God saves the village from all evils.This God would be worshipped by that particular villagers and their desendants.Each and every year there would be a "THIRUVIZHA" - Festival of that village.This would be a thanks giving to their OOR KADAVUL...

Rural - The Place to UNWIND Yourself

For any country the Rural locations are the place which is still having the LIFE in it.The serene atmosphere,Clean AIR,Good People (from Heart).

If at all you want to Unwind yourself. GO RURAL