Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spider-Web-Dakshina-Chitra -Part 3

I can vouch and with full confidence can say that Dakshina Chitra is a Photographer's Paradise in all sorts..Okay..Okay..To use a Photographer's Slang..It is a  Photographer's Paradise in all "ANGLES"..;-)

Below are 2 shots on the Spider @ its home..Spider and a Full Blown WEB.

Spider-Web - This is the front view of the web and it's resident 

The rear view of the same. This is the first time am witnessing a full blown spider web and really intriguing to see the way the nest was built. How on earth does this guy or girl built this?? Really interesting. Especially the ZIG-ZAGS just above the head and below the spider are exactly formed opposite to each other. Why so? Interesting piece to study...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dakshina Chitra - Part 2

This post contains various Doors, Windows and other Subject Matter  i MET @ Dakshina Chitra  :-)

Entrance to the Fascinating World of Dakshina Chitra. To this Gentleman's Left  is the Ticket Counter and to his right is an handcraft shop which has beautiful hand made articles.

The Veena and Natarajar

Same Veena but viewed through a hole from the nearby wall. This photo was shot while Zooming back and at the same time releasing the shutter. Hope this is a good shot

A close up on the Door Knock - "Calling Bell" of the Yesteryear
The entrance to the AC Dining Hall

An architecture in the same door

Side view of the above photo
Multiple Doors 

The window - Camouflaged with the surroundings 

Window - AC Dining Room with a nice Yellow Border

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pottery - Dakshina Chitra - Part 1

Last Saturday was the first time i visited "Dakshina Chitra" in the ECR Road, Chennai, Tamilnadu and which eventually culminated into visiting the same the very next day as well along with my family.

Had traveled the ECR road numerous number of times, even before it was renamed as ECR and earlier the road was called New Mahabalipuram Road and Afcons Pauling were actually laying the same.. IT was in 1995-96.

From then had crossed this beautiful place a number of times but never ventured into this.

Last weekend opened the gates to me..Thanks to a friend of mine who insisted that we go there.

Beautiful, Mesmerizing and can be called in any good words in any language available in this planet.

Will write about that place as a series as i would not be able to do justice if am to close this in one blog post.

First about the Pottery, where we are allowed to create our own "Master Piece" under an able supervision.

The above photo shows the various items at display and also for sale created by in-house artists

A top angle shot of the various creations on display. Post taking this shot only, i noticed that blue tint  in the background adding a authentic touch to the shot

Lamps made out of mud

My Wife at work - Creating her own masterpiece. It gives a sense of joy to one to create something one our own..Right!!!.She was dancing in joy post completing

As soon as the same is removed from the Potter's wheel

Cousins of the same blood sorry Mud... The above are created by my wife and cousin and  thought of showing it in a different angle. Capturing exact halves of both

Normal view

The foreground objects are our creations being kept in the sun for drying up. It was advised by the potter there to dry the same in direct sunlight for at least 3 to 4 days and the instruction is being genuinely followed by my wife at home for the past 2 days. It is gaining that RED color...Let's see..

Will come back with more about this place.... "Dakshina Chitra"