Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why should i "BARE WITH TIMES OF INDIA"??!!!!

It is really astonishing and at the same time pathetic to see a leading national newspaper's website is so careless and CALLOUS with English.

The below screen shot is self explanatory !!!!!

The http://epaper.timesofindia.com/index.asp  is asking us to "BARE WITH US" instead of "BEAR WITH US"..


Friday, May 4, 2012

This is my 100th Blog Post- Will Continue my "Journey" rather "Blogney"

This is one real long journey for me considering that i started blogging from May of 2007 and achieving the 100th Blog Post again in the Month of May but the year is 2012... Again this is a very strange coincidence..

 001st Blog Post        May 2007
100 th Blog Post        May 2012.

Need to admit one fact that i restarted rigorously from Dec 2011 only.

From May 2007 to Nov 2011, the total blog post created by me were only 19.

From Dec 2011 to May 2012, the remaining 81 posts were created.

Am using the word "CREATED" and not "WRITTEN", simply because, using the word "created" gives me a sort of "HIGH Feeling".:-). Hope you all understand that am not try to brag myself..but it's a feeling...

Need to thank my Wife for the push she gave me to restart this blog or else i wouldn't have been here..

Need to convey my thanks to the "Entire Indiblogger Family" as without their regular comments and feedback, i wouldn't have reached this state.

Thanks to you team.

Will continue my "Journey" rather "Blogney"

My Experiment-Part 6-Riot of Colours

This is Part 6 on my various "so called", "self proclaimed" experiments with light and these photos were shot using Apple iPhone on my last visit to Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

As i was totally indulged in taking these shots by shaking the phone-camera, had some intriguingly looking spectators as well, with a puzzled look in their face as to what on earth this guy doing by shaking his phone!!! Happily enjoyed that as well..

This scene made was the base visual for the below photos and hence the yellow color is predominant  in them




One of many things i like about Indiblogger

One of the many things that i like about the Indiblogger site is that :

During login, the way the password "*" appear with a space in between each characters is really good.

The reason for saying so is that during login in various other sites, the "*" appears without any space and at times i do tend to type the password at a speed which makes to recount the number of "*" but counting them is one hell of a task.

Really appreciate the development team behind this who had looked into small things like this which  is really a user delight..

Thanks Team.

Water-Future Market or in Commodity Trading in the Share Market?

This is in continuation to my earlier blog on "Water Scarcity", the below pictures resembles me of the same but from an Urban Perspective in contrast to my earlier blog which was more of an Rural situation.

Water has become an business commodity today rather than an "Basic Human Right" to live... But am waiting for the day when the same would be traded the same way Gold/Silver and other commodities are being traded in the NCX market??!!! ...Praying God on Not to have that kind of an situation...

The photos below shows the water containers waiting to be SOLD...

But if we have an reverse perspective view, the "plant pot" at the fag end of the photo and the way the water containers are kept in a straight line - Seems to me that these containers are being used to WATER THAT PLANT??!! IS THIS WHAT FUTURE HOLDS FOR US...

The ground water levels are so depleted and contaminated with all kinds of toxins, and the future seems to me that, plants and trees would only be in the museums around the world for our generations with water cans lined up to water the on regular basis..





Technology Married to Tradition - Dakshina-Chitra

Below photos are self explanatory on how to marry Technology and Tradition seamlessly and take advantage of both for our benefit..

Good Work - Team Dakshina Chitra...

The false ceiling in the A/C Dining Hall @ Dakshina Chitra 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Experience Called Life

Am actually puzzled, excited and amazed at certain numbers and relation of the same in my Life.

Got my first 2 wheeler in the year 1995 and it was a Bajaj Sunny with registration number - TN 09 - 7102

Gave it off in 1996 and bought myself a Suzuki Samurai with reg number as TN 09 - 3721.

Samurai was part of me for almost 10 years till 2006, this guy was with me through all my ups and down and hence i have a sentimental attachment with this guy and still have him in my garage.

Fulfilled my long cherished dream of owning an Yamaha - RX 100 in 2006. After a long combing operation in the second hand market and the "For Sale" ads given by individuals in papers, zeroed in on one Yamaha and the registration number was TN 09 - 1177. The pure coincidence was that the registration number was my  date and year of birth. 11/77.

Then graduated to a 4 wheeler in 2008 and got myself a Wagon R.

Got married in 2010 and wanted to gift my wife a 2 wheeler and hence purchased a Scooty Streak in 2011 and to my astonishment.. you guys know what..

It had the same registration number as my FIRST VEHICLE -  7102.

Both myself and my wife were puzzled/excited/astonished etc..etc...

Hope this is what is coined as " We don't know what future holds for us!!"  


Last weekend went to the Marina with my family and my Nikon P80 was not with me---Unfortunately.

But Steve Jobs came to the rescue, am referring to my mobile instrument - Apple..

Pls find below few shots from the "Second Longest Beach" in the world..

Balloons- Instead of taking a straight shot tried to take a photo from the rear of the canvas.The balloons looks real and the give away are those balloons at he top of the canvas.

Joy ride and my kid had a field day rather field night

Plastic Horse Ride
Real Horse Ride

The purpose of visiting the beach would get defeated if we miss the bajjis ad the sundals in the beach...

Last but not the least..The Ray of Hope for many out there in the sea..Light House with the rays visible...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spider-Web-Dakshina-Chitra -Part 3

I can vouch and with full confidence can say that Dakshina Chitra is a Photographer's Paradise in all sorts..Okay..Okay..To use a Photographer's Slang..It is a  Photographer's Paradise in all "ANGLES"..;-)

Below are 2 shots on the Spider @ its home..Spider and a Full Blown WEB.

Spider-Web - This is the front view of the web and it's resident 

The rear view of the same. This is the first time am witnessing a full blown spider web and really intriguing to see the way the nest was built. How on earth does this guy or girl built this?? Really interesting. Especially the ZIG-ZAGS just above the head and below the spider are exactly formed opposite to each other. Why so? Interesting piece to study...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dakshina Chitra - Part 2

This post contains various Doors, Windows and other Subject Matter  i MET @ Dakshina Chitra  :-)

Entrance to the Fascinating World of Dakshina Chitra. To this Gentleman's Left  is the Ticket Counter and to his right is an handcraft shop which has beautiful hand made articles.

The Veena and Natarajar

Same Veena but viewed through a hole from the nearby wall. This photo was shot while Zooming back and at the same time releasing the shutter. Hope this is a good shot

A close up on the Door Knock - "Calling Bell" of the Yesteryear
The entrance to the AC Dining Hall

An architecture in the same door

Side view of the above photo
Multiple Doors 

The window - Camouflaged with the surroundings 

Window - AC Dining Room with a nice Yellow Border

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pottery - Dakshina Chitra - Part 1

Last Saturday was the first time i visited "Dakshina Chitra" in the ECR Road, Chennai, Tamilnadu and which eventually culminated into visiting the same the very next day as well along with my family.

Had traveled the ECR road numerous number of times, even before it was renamed as ECR and earlier the road was called New Mahabalipuram Road and Afcons Pauling were actually laying the same.. IT was in 1995-96.

From then had crossed this beautiful place a number of times but never ventured into this.

Last weekend opened the gates to me..Thanks to a friend of mine who insisted that we go there.

Beautiful, Mesmerizing and can be called in any good words in any language available in this planet.

Will write about that place as a series as i would not be able to do justice if am to close this in one blog post.

First about the Pottery, where we are allowed to create our own "Master Piece" under an able supervision.

The above photo shows the various items at display and also for sale created by in-house artists

A top angle shot of the various creations on display. Post taking this shot only, i noticed that blue tint  in the background adding a authentic touch to the shot

Lamps made out of mud

My Wife at work - Creating her own masterpiece. It gives a sense of joy to one to create something one our own..Right!!!.She was dancing in joy post completing

As soon as the same is removed from the Potter's wheel

Cousins of the same blood sorry Mud... The above are created by my wife and cousin and  thought of showing it in a different angle. Capturing exact halves of both

Normal view

The foreground objects are our creations being kept in the sun for drying up. It was advised by the potter there to dry the same in direct sunlight for at least 3 to 4 days and the instruction is being genuinely followed by my wife at home for the past 2 days. It is gaining that RED color...Let's see..

Will come back with more about this place.... "Dakshina Chitra"


Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Nostalgic

It's time to get nostalgic with elements and instruments from the past.

Many of the current generation wouldn't have even seen this leave alone using, including me :-).

So, if this post helps to get to know certain instruments from the past and at the same time giving a nostalgic feeling to those who had actually seen and used these..then this blog post's purpose is achieved..

Ezhuthani -An instrument used to etch/write in the palm leaves. 
When i was  in school,  my handwriting with  pencil and pen was not up to the mark, to be frank even nowadays also it is 

But i actually forgot when was the last time i wrote, with the advent of computers/mobiles and ipads. 

Hope as soon as my put my little one in her KG in coming years, i would have the responsibility of either having her complete her "Home Work" OR i would be writing the same with my  left hand so as the class teacher do not identify  that. ;-)... Let's see because by that time if tabs are going to be the norm, then i would be writing a similar blog post and replacing the above photo with that of a "Fountain Pen" or a "Sheaffer Pen"..

The "Income Tax" department seal is dated "12th March 1935" and "26th Jan 1935". Those writings are actually in "Tamil". Seems to be that in those days the IT returns has to be done every quarter.

Rotary model telephone

A Wall Clock manufactured by "Robert Neil"


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karaikudi-Faces-Part 6

This is the Part 6 on my series of blogs about Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is dedicated to the people of Kanadukathan, for the kind time spent by them with me while taking snaps and also on passing their wisdom about life.  Thanks to them..

This lady is above 80 and going strong. Even though she has limitation in her vision, but independently doing her daily chores.Spent almost 30mts with her and gained lot of information about Kanadukathan.Very entertaining ad forthcoming. Thanks Paati. (Patti means Grandma in Tamil)

These 2 gentlemen were riding and as soon a i took this photo, they stopped near. Asked me show the  picture which i obediently obeyed. They were happy and told the last time they took a photo was years before and they were not even able to recollect.Still, this misconception that "Taking Photo,reduces the life of ones is prevalent"..

Family and occupants of one of the mansions here at Kanadukathan. Even though they are happy for the fact that  they are living in the same house where their forefathers lived and died but the cost of maintenance is very high and is pinching them badly and the same is evident when i went through their mansion

This couple earn their and their family's daily bread by transporting water  from this pond to the nearby  shops. This is a daily activity and they do this thrice daily. They were happy for the fact that they are sending their 2 kids to school. Considering not to kill their time further, thanked the and moved on.

After taking this snap, i stopped this guy and advised  him on not mix both - Talking and Riding - He gave me a very annoying look and continued his journey - Both talking and Riding. I went my way..

Don't know whose is this, but in that surrounding, this one solitary cycle made for a good photo.

Karaikudi - Street View - In and Around-Chettinad Palace

This is the part 5 of my series of blog pertaining to Chettinad Palace, Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is about the streets in and around the Chettinad Palace.

This view is on the street adjacent to the palace. In the right you can see the palace compound.

This street leads directly to the Chettinad Palace. You can see the compound  of the palace at the far end  in the photo

This is the road in front of the Chettinad Palace. The left hand side building in the photo is the Palace.

This pond and the temple at the far end is bang opposite to the Palace

This tree is in the banks of the pond and the same is visible in the above picture as well.
Will continue with my journey...