Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karaikudi-Faces-Part 6

This is the Part 6 on my series of blogs about Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is dedicated to the people of Kanadukathan, for the kind time spent by them with me while taking snaps and also on passing their wisdom about life.  Thanks to them..

This lady is above 80 and going strong. Even though she has limitation in her vision, but independently doing her daily chores.Spent almost 30mts with her and gained lot of information about Kanadukathan.Very entertaining ad forthcoming. Thanks Paati. (Patti means Grandma in Tamil)

These 2 gentlemen were riding and as soon a i took this photo, they stopped near. Asked me show the  picture which i obediently obeyed. They were happy and told the last time they took a photo was years before and they were not even able to recollect.Still, this misconception that "Taking Photo,reduces the life of ones is prevalent"..

Family and occupants of one of the mansions here at Kanadukathan. Even though they are happy for the fact that  they are living in the same house where their forefathers lived and died but the cost of maintenance is very high and is pinching them badly and the same is evident when i went through their mansion

This couple earn their and their family's daily bread by transporting water  from this pond to the nearby  shops. This is a daily activity and they do this thrice daily. They were happy for the fact that they are sending their 2 kids to school. Considering not to kill their time further, thanked the and moved on.

After taking this snap, i stopped this guy and advised  him on not mix both - Talking and Riding - He gave me a very annoying look and continued his journey - Both talking and Riding. I went my way..

Don't know whose is this, but in that surrounding, this one solitary cycle made for a good photo.

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