Monday, March 19, 2012

Pressure Cooker - Our day to day Life - Is there any common link??

Even the pressure cooker needs relief at regular interval to let out the steam built in.

If that's the case, how about us???!!!!!..

Hope we also do need to take regular breaks from our routine and if that job is one in which your heart is not there, then THAT'S IT....

We can only work between breaks.

Even, in my case, my interest is in Photography but am unable to convert my passion into a source of livelihood 


Is it because of personal commitments like family, children and other monthly commitments made with attraction to the materials like Car,Home, etc...??


Is it because of a perceived "Fear of Failure" which is Camouflaged by the above statement?? 


Am i not really giving it a try???

Don't know which one?? :-) 

Let me continue my of now..

"Pressure Getting Released"


Anonymous said...

like the pressure cooker analogy. but do not add the stress of getting stressed out to your long list of stress causes.

Sriram J said...

Good Comment..Like that..:-)