Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Water....Where is it? Aren't we Ashamed of our self ??!!!

This blog post is dedicated to one of the commodity which is becoming rare and rare with each passing day..

Yes, it's about the "Availability of Water"...Rather to put it correct "Non Availability of Water" and the below photos are self explanatory.

What are we going to do about the same??!!! Even this can get selfish also... What are we going to do fr our own future generation and family..At times, selfishness is also good for a larger cause.

Once, it was a commodity which was available for free everywhere, even now also it is available BUT AT A COST.  A branded 1 litre water bottle costing Rs.16/- and the one being supplied to home, 20litre can is costing Rs.30/-.. A liter of water costing more than Re.1/- and we are bothered about the raise in Petrol and Diesel costs.

Was under the assumption that Good Potable Water is a "BASIC HUMAN RIGHT"..... but now??????

We (including me) are responsible for this and what are going to do for this???

What am i going to do for my daughter and my generation down the line???

Below photos are self explanatory and i do hope this becomes a sort of "EYE OPENER" for all of us...

All Footsteps Leads to Water
We normal use a phrase " All Roads Leads to Rome" but if i go by the above photo then am force to rephrase the same as " All Footsteps leads to Water"

Future Looks Bleak
If we go with the existing breakneck speed on diminishing our "Water Sources" then "Future Looks Bleak"

Used to be a Water Way
The above picture shows a place which used to be a waterway.. Now only the way is there and "NO WATER"

Water...What's that?
                                                          Water.....What is THAT?

Water..Where is it?
                                                           Water....Where is THAT?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Achievement - In the same month

Am happy and at the same time thrilled on my second achievement and that too in the same month with regards to my blog.

My "First Achievement" was crossing the overall 1000 page views of my blog from day 1 of start and this "Second Achievement" is 1000 page views crossed in a single month itself. (Hope am clear and not confusing).

2007 was when i started blogging and as usual after few posts, did not blog much.

Post marriage, when i showed the photos taken by me to my wife and casually informed about my blog to her and then on her insistence i started blogging rigorously from Nov 2011 and the same is evident from the archive section.

First landmark achievement of over all 1000 page views happened in the month of Jan 2012. It is a big achievement for me and also enabled and pushed me for continuous blogging.

Within days, here am writing about my second achievement of "1000 Page views in a single month".

Thanks to all of you who had made it happen and a special thanks to my wife who insisted me on restarting this blogging.

This would be my 47th blog post and would like to touch the 50th post in this month itself.

Once again....Thanks... 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know my Ancestors - Got 2 clients who want to trace the ancestry ....Confident...

This one thought is running continuously in my mind for almost an year now and the way this idea/requirement  got germinated was....

Lost my father (Dad....I Miss You) in the month of May 2010 which of course is a great personal loss to me and during the funerals and while performing the last rites to him, had to include my Grand Father/Grandmother and Great Grand Father/Great Grand Mother and of which i wasn't even aware of.

Fortunately for me, my relatives were around and they helped me out with the names.

This led me to think about my roots and started conversing with my relatives which eventually led me to visit my native town FOR THE FIRST TIME.

My native is a small village near Chengalpet, Tamilnadu and the elderly people there still remember my forefathers and were genuinely shocked on hearing about my father's demise.

They showed me my ancestral home and also a temple built by my ancestors for our family deity which is also the Village Deity. 

These were the eye openers which in turn lead me to search the internet for information but there was none and that too specifically about ancestry in Tamilnadu as we don't have any surname to identify the roots and family origin.

Many an available websites, only encourages us to put in the details which might be of use to the coming generations of ours, as with the common names and without surnames cross mapping, with the past generations might not yield result. (Specifically in Tamilnadu).

Basis these, had started this startup and as of now it's going to be 2 (Myself and a friend of mine who is also interested in history and research).

Our experience in the last 6 months on identifying the roots had given us quite a knowledge and the way & means of doing the same.

We are yet to launch our website "Knowmyancestor.com" but had registered this domain in my name.

We do charge our customers for the service rendered to cover our transportation, stay and other expenses but would be nominal.

We got 2 clients to start with and we are confident on our journey...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unseen Photos of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

Hope these photos of Netaji would certainly be rare and that too the one with his original signature.

Fortunate enough to visit a place where these photos were displayed and with due permission took photos of these photos.

Unseen and Rare Photo of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
                                   Thrilled to have the one with Netaji's signature in blue ink..This photo has the original signature in blue ink. Neatly framed.

Unseen and Rare Photo of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
                                        This one do hope must be of a rare one wherein Netaji referring to a map in due course of his journey.

That Traffic Police Constable name is Mr.Ravi

In continuation to my earlier post about Tamilnadu Police, had found out that Traffic Police Constable name is Mr.Ravi, yet to introduce myself to him and am sure to do the same this week without fail..

Don't know how he is going to react for that...let me see and sure would update the same here..

Bye for now..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dedicated to Children - Met during my various travel to Rural Tamilnadu

This blog post is to various children i met during my various travels throughout Tamilnadu. The interactions had with each one of them is really an eyeopener of sorts for me in various ways like their innocence, their way of life, their school and friends, their past time etc... Enjoyed each moment spent with them and few snaps from my collection.

                 This was taken near Dharmapuri..This girl was so shy while talking but when giving pose, she herself suggested the  location.

This was taken during my trip to Banatheertham. Seriously must be something of real importance, these guys did not even know that am photographing

This was on my trip to Hogenakkal. Seems to be his favorite one, he refused giving me for one ride, a taking this photo and showing this to him, then only and that too reluctantly gave me an opportunity..

This is again near Dharmapuri. She would pump and then run to the other end to drink the water and by that time  the water flow would cease. Did watched this and offered my help with the pump and then this pose for me in return
This was on my trip to Adiramapattinam Beach. Fearless guys. They had a vessel full of live crabs, freshly hunted 
Somewhere near Erode
This was taken on my way to Erode..Post returning from school, he would help his dad. This is one of my favorite photo as he did not pose, but reacted when i called his name and thus this photo. He is the class topper as well. Where else should we go to find "Achievers inspite of Adversities"

This is from Hogenakkal..This guy was so photo shy, that he closed his face instead of....

This again is from Hogenakkal..My friend having a whale of a time and playing the 5 stones.. 

This was on my trip to Adiramapattinam Beach. Such an flexibility and many of us can just dream of..

Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Kind of a "Witch" in the "Marina Beach" - Chennai

Seems to be a new kind of Witch is there @ "Marina Beach"-Chennai and the photo below...

Witch in Marina Beach
"Marina Beach-Chennai

Witch in Marina Beach
                                                           "Marina Beach-Chennai"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Error in the "Times of India"-Front Page-Chennai Edition

This one is about the error in the "Times of India" and that too in the front page - Main article" in the Chennai Edition dated 18th Jan 2012.

Times of India-Front Page Error

Times of India-Front Page Error

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Met Mr.Suseendran - Director of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Naan Mahan Alla...-

During December 2011, was invited for an audio launch of a Tamil movie by name Thalakonam at the Abirami Mega Mall.

Went there and got seated in the second row from the screen on insistence of someone so special to me and to my pleasant surprise, it was Mr.Suseendran the director of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, Naan Mahan Alla, Azhagarsamiyin kudhirai and the recent Chiyan Vikram Starrer Rajapattai.

He was there with his mother and this is the second meeting with him for me.

The earlier one was very brief at Kalaignar TV Studios during the pre-launch of Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai and just exchanged pleasantries with him.

But this one lasted for more than 30mts and that too adjoining seats without any disturbance as everyone was engrossed in the audio launch and the trailers.

Had a nice talk with him but none about his movies but more about cinema.

Very nice gentleman, down to earth, not carrying any air around after giving beautiful movies and of course excluding Rajapattai.

Very knowledgeable and at the same time sharing also.

That 30 mts jut ran off and he was called upon the dais for the audio CD launch and i left the audio launch.

Very reluctantly went for this audio launch and what a surprise it had in store for me.

Life gives opportunity when you least expect and ready for the same..

Here's wishing him All the Best in his future endeavors..

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Experiment with Light

After achieving the 1000 page views this month, thought of having my next blog dedicated to you all and with riot of colors.

Below are some of the photos and had titled the same as "My Experiment with Light" and the below photos are from a joy ride from a theme park in Chennai (MGM Dizee World - ECR,Chennai) and the raid is aptly named as Rainbow.

The instrument used for these shots is a Nikon P80 and the same is not a DSLR.. The reason is very simple "AM not in a position to afford a DSLR" but these photos really gave me the confidence that the camera is not the only criteria to get nice pictures.. Hope you all would also agree on the same.. Enough said and the photos are as below..

The Joy Ride Aptly Named as Rainbow
The above ride at MGM Chennai is the subject for my  photos and it gave me all the opportunities to test my skills

The Ride starting its swing- Clockwise

The ride gaining speed and now in the Anti Clock wise swing

                        These pictures are captured using my Nikon P80 with various Shutter speeds

This picture was taken when the Joy Ride was at its full speed and the shutter speed in my Nikon was 4s and the Aperture is f4.5

This picture was taken again from the same Joy Ride was at its full speed and the shutter speed in my Nikon

Hope you all do enjoyed these pictures..Do write in your comments..

Thanks..would be back with the Meeting happened with Director Suseendran..

Bye for Now..

1000 Page Views CROSSED... Thanks...

Am personally very happy and thankful to all of you for making this happen.


It all started in the year 2007, when i wrote my first blog and then was very irregular and to an extent almost ZERO and was in hibernation for 3 to 4 years.

Thanks to my Wife, who actually after seeing the photos taken by me and the blog, insisted that i continue the same.

Started effectively from Nov 2011 and when i restarted the blog 3 months before, the overall page view we around 200+ only.

Made it a point to photo-write consistently and now in a span of just 2 months, the page view had crossed the  1000 mark.

This really gives me the push and to achieve the next set target as 1000 page views a month and hope would certainly able to do it with all your support...


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superstar Rajinikanth - Met him in the Year 2002 at Poes Garden Residence

This happened in the first half of 2002 (must be between Mar to May).

My office was located at Cathedral Road, and came to office for picking up some materials required for me for servicing.

One of Customer Care Executive came to running and asked whether am free and can handle an Emergency Request that had come in from a VIP Customer.

Told her that, it depends upon the VIP (:-)), my availability differs and she told me that the VIP is none other than Mrs.Latha Rajinikanth and the product to be serviced was at their residence - Poes Garden. Immediately said YES and rushed to Poes Garden.

The residence was at the dead end and with a black gate. If i remember right, there are 2 entrance gates, one which leads to the office room and the other to their residence.

Informed the security about the purpose of my visit and was waiting outside the gate.

He came back in less than 2 mts and ushered me in to the office.

A big Rajnikanth's photos framed in glass welcomes us. The still was from the film Peddarayudu...

Met the office bearers there and went into the room where our product was and Mrs.Rajinikath was sitting inside,gave me a warm smile, i acknowledged her back with a "Hello Ma'am,How are you?" and went ahead with my work of rectifying the issue.

A nice piping hot tea was served to me, had the same, finished my work and came out of the main entrance to pack and leave, of course with a disappointment that unable to see the Superstar. This may be a long drawn call but..."Desire Leaves no Man"...

AND now the unexpected and the one i was expecting for - Happened...

As i just opened the main gate to leave, there was a slight commotion behind me and 2 to 3 gentlemen came rushing towards to me and i got alarmed, "What did i do?", but the reason was something else...

 it was the SUPERSTAR HIMSELF walking towards the gate and came as close as just 2 feet, smiled at me (he must have assumed that i was working with "The Ashram"), and stood next to me as am blocking his way to the gate.

I was paralyzed and not knowing how to react, just kept starring at him, in the meanwhile Mrs.Rajini came out, and started talking to me about the product and what are the other options they have to upgrade or go in for a different product. (All these happened simultaneously).

Was speechless and words refused to come out of my mouth, Superstar was looking at me and there i was standing speechless looking at the couple, baffled, speechless etc..

Regained my posture and informed her about the new products briefly and with Superstar standing as close as 2 feet from me, looking at me intently (You guys know about his eyes - Powerful).

After informing her, came out of the building but was unable to take my 2 wheeler out, as Superstar's white ambassador was parked just beside me, leaving no room for me to take out my vehicle.

Just imagine guys, the Superstar, Rajinikanth, using a WHITE AMBASSADOR CAR AND THE YEAR AM REFERRING TO IS 2002 wherein many a Cielos, Ford Escorts and our very own Maruti Esteems were running in thousands at that time, but here the man who commands such a followers around the world, is still using an Ambassador car. That's a WoW.

He came out, boarded the car, and rode away - On his way to BABA Shooting.

Followed him till Cathedral Road Junction..

So simple, no air around him, not throwing his weight around, treating everyone as equals, smiling at an absolute stranger and listening to what am saying to his better half.


Tomorrow it about my meeting with Suseendran, the director of films like "Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu", "Naan Mahan Alla", "Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai" and the forgettable "Rajapattai"..

Bye for now...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thala Ajith - Meeting him for the second time

In continuation to my earlier blog on Thala Ajith - Met him in Person - Year 2000,the next opportunity came to me in the mid of 2001.

It was a Sunday noon and one of my colleague who's handling the customers in and around Thiruvanmiyur called me and informed that he had got a call from Ajith's residence at Seaward Road, Thiruvanmiyur for a service request. As my colleague knows that am an ardent fan of Ajith, did this FAVOR to me.

Was staying at Alwarthirunagar and not wanting to miss this opportunity, immediately took my Samurai and rushed to Thiruvanmiyur.

My colleague who had reached earlier was waiting for me near Ajith's residence.

A big black metal gate welcomed us, we opened and went in.

The distance between the gate and the entrance seems to be a long journey as am to see my Idol in flesh after almost a year's time.

In the gap of one year, Film Dheena got released and went on to become a blockbuster and also Ajith was started to be referred as Thala by one and all. Dheena was followed by Citizen, Povellam Un Vaasam got released and cemented his position in this cut throat film industry where every Friday makes or breaks the career/ life of many actors and technicians depending upon the box office performance.

Now coming back to Ajith's residence and whatever am able to recollect now as it is almost 10 years now, am blogging it down.

1) Long path way from the gate to the main entrance.
2) 2 Wheeler's - Yamaha, Bullet and one other 2 wheeler.
3) 4 Wheeler's - Maruti Zen (Not the Estilo), Tata Sierra and another 4 wheeler.
4) A room for the visitors to sit fitted with AC.

Inside the house, as far as i observed - As i did not want to look around which is certainly not at all basic manners to pry around other's residence.

1) A small setup with 2 to 3 chairs around surrounded by plants and a direct sunlight through a glass window from the ceiling - Was looking Great and Romantic as well.
2) A stair case to the first floor - Through which i was led to the first floor office room

This is what the max i saw and restricted myself on not to look around further even though was tempted to do so.

The first floor office room was fully equipped with 2 to 3 computers, printers, fax and a photocopier.

The walls were completely done with book shelves made of wood and was full of books and few books i noticed were about Cars, Racing, Formula One and Ayrton Senna and Ajith is an ardent fan of Senna.

As we were trouble shooting our product, THALA AJITH walked into the room and dressed in a Pattu Shirt and Veshti with red vermilion in his forehead... YES IN THE SAME GETUP AS IN THE MOVIE RED.

But the reason for him to be in that costume was for another reason - It was Grihaprevesham for his new built home.  Yes, was there at his residence on the day of Grihapravesham function.

He sat there in the sofa and discussed with us the problem he was facing with the product.

Spoke to him about the movie Mugavari as that was and would always be my favorite.

He was there with us for more than 15 minutes, offered us tea and also took one for himself, spoke to us till we finished the tea, thanked us and went away.

All those 15 to 20 minutes were almost magical for me, as i was in witness to a Mass Star whom, many a people want to meet up and talk to, ready to do anything crazy for that one encounter and i just there enjoying the same about which many can only dream of. Am not boasting or trying to be arrogant with my previous sentence but the please to allow me to be so...

Finished our Job, Met Thala Ajith on the way out, Wished him All the Best...and back home..

In those 2 encounters had with Ajith, few things that came out was
1) He is humble
2) Success did not go over his head
3) Treating everyone as equals and giving them the necessary respect while addressing and as well conversing
4) Caring

He is here to stay and that too for many more years to come..

Wishing him once again...All the Very Best....... Thala

My next blog is about the "Encounter with SUPERSTAR"... Yes, it is none other than Rajnikanth...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thala Ajith - Met him in Person - Year 2000

The first time i met Thala Ajith was in the year 2000 - Even before he was referred to as "Thala"..

Was working with an Office Automation company and it was a weekday noon, one of my team member paged me (Yes, Pager, Of course it is obsolete now) informing me about a printer installation and the customer name was A.K.International, Alwarpet.

Being an ardent fan of Ajith from Aasai days and was following each and every information about him, something struck me.

Few days before, read in a newspaper that Ajith had started a company by name A.K.International aiming at giving a more professional outlook to his film commitments.

Now, coming back to the pager message, as soon as i read A.K.International, i was happy, elated and at the same time prayed God that, this must be the same A.K.International.

Went to that address at Alwarpet, it was an apartment complex and the flat am to go was in the basement.

As i stepped inside that flat, it was an office setup, but to my dismay no reference was there to confirm this belongs to Thala Ajith.. Not even posters or photo prints.. nothing...

Was unhappy but something inside me was continuously telling me...THIS IT IT..THIS BELONGS TO AJITH.

Above all, as this being a customer visit for me and as am representing a company, restricted myself to that extent and checked with the gentleman sitting in the reception as to where the product has to be installed. He showed me a cabin and came along with me.

As soon as he opened the cabin, THERE HE WAS, SITTING INSIDE...YES GUYS, IT WAS AJITH HIMSELF...

As soon as i saw him, without knowing how to react, came out of the cabin and was just standing outside.

Was it because,

This was the first time for me, seeing a celebrity?
That too a movie star?
And that too the one to whom am an ardent fan of.?

Composed myself and went in again, met him, shook hands with him and proceeded with the installation.

But, all along the feeling that Ajith is standing next to me made me more elated and at the same time more uncomfortable.

Hope, he sensed that, touched my shoulders, and as he was already planning to leave, informed to carry on with my installation and to update the gentleman sitting in the reception.

The gentleman sitting in the reception area was none other than his "Man Friday" - Suresh Chandra...

The installation was over and went back to Mr.Suresh Chandra to get the necessary documents signed.

While Suresh was signing the documents, there was one guy sitting in the reception with an album sort of a manual and documents on hand. By this time i sensed him to be an assistant director and trying for his break to become an independent film director.

You guys want to know who he was????

He was none other than A.R.Murugadoss...Yes, the director who gave not only the blockbuster "Dheena" to us but also the title of "THALA" to our Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar.

All this might look a bit tad and the coincidences as strange as all these happened to me in the same day but at that time no one knows who Murugadoss was including me.

Came out of A.K.International and went straight to my office and told everyone that i MET, SPOKE AND SHOOK HANDS WITH AJITH.

Can never forget that day till my life.

My Next Meeting with Ajith was at his newly built residence at Seaward Road, Thiruvanmiyur and am reserving the same  for my next blog.

See you all and come back for more..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ajith - Thala

This gentleman, whom i really adore for his conviction, perseverance, patience and above all for the humanity in him.

Had the opportunity to spend almost an hour in his new built home and that too on the Grihapravesham day.

Down to earth..Amazing.

Will certainly dedicate a blog note to him in sometime today..

Below  photo was not taken by me and doesn't belong to me a s well.

Thala Ajith
This photo of Ajith at a very young age should certainly be one of the most viewed "unseen photos". 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jallikattu - Come Pongal - Tamilnadu

Even though lot has been and being talked about the legality about this generations old spectacle of Tamilnadu - Jallikaatu still going strong and is one of the much awaited show of strength and valour among youths in Tamilandu especially in the places in and around Maduari.

Though Alanganallur Jallikattu is world famous equally famous is the one that happens at Palamedu and was a witness to one of the Jallikattu.

Jallikattu is really a show of strength game and certainly not for the weak hearted and the ones without confidence.Yes, body strength is equally important but more required is the technique to hold on to the hump of the Kaalai and travel the specified distance without falling out.

The one i witnessed had its own glorious moments like winners taking home many a household items like Mixer Grinder,Steel Almirah, Table Fan, Ceiling Fan etc.. but also had its own sorrow moments like the players getting hurt.

Someone got away with minor injuries but with some seriously injured. Able to hear the siren of ambulance every 30 mts or so..

The number of visitors cannot be counted in numbers but can only be referred to as a HUMAN OCEAN.

The entire stretch is occupied and not even a bit of place is available. Roof tops, Lorries and even the coconut trees are occupied to witness this spectacle.

Jallikattu Kaalai
                              The jallikattu kaalai being controlled by its owners from a safe distance

Jallikattu Kaalai Close up
Up and as close as possible - Jallikattu Kalai

Jallikattu Kaalai
On the way to the entry point

Jallikattu Kaalai
Not  "Behind the Bars" but waiting for his turn

Jallikattu Kaalai Line up
The line of Jallikattu Kaalai

Jallikattu Hero
It's Me ----- Jallikattu Hero

Watching Jallikattu
Not wanting to miss any action he had taken a very vantage view point

Jallikattu Entry Point
The entry through which the Kaalai's come out to be tamed and tackled by the participants but in many cases it is actually other way around

Got hurt in Jallikattu
Poor Guy, got himself hurt and being carried to the ambulance..Hope he is fine now

Human Ocean
It is humans everywhere from all walks of life gathered to witness this once a year extravaganza

Jallikattu Palamedu
One more on the spectators for Jallikattu

Spectators at the Jallikatttu
Stands, Lorries and the house tops occupied by the spectators

Spectators at the Jallikatttu
The stands put up for the spectators - Occupied completely

Jallikatttu winner with his reward
The jallikattu winner takes is reward home..

Black Thunder-Theme Park-Mettupalayam

This was during my trip to Ooty and the entrance to Black Thunder.

Was not able to make it to Black Thunder and spend time as my priorities for the trip were different but sure shot would make it some other day..

Black Thunder-Mettupalayam
Black Thunder - Mettupalayam - Entrance

Black Thunder-Mettupalayam
Black Thunder - Mettupalayam

Black Thunder-Mettupalayam
Black Thunder - Mettupalayam

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tamilnadu Police - Traffic - They are THERE to help us

Would like to dedicate this blog post for the Tamilnadu Police Department - Traffic

Had we ever given a thought about the Traffic Policeman who stands at almost all the important junctions and traffic signals?

Considering the amount of pollution,dust, rain or shine, he would always be there to maintain the sanctity of the traffic flow.

We need to accept the fact that not all of us are SO obedient to oblige to the traffic signals.

Many a times we

1) Jump Signals
2) Don't wear helmet
3) Don't use the seat belts
4) Don't stop exactly at the stop line
5) Do take a "U" turn where it is prohibited
6) Do take the left or the right turn where it is prohibited
7) Do go through "No Entry"
8) Use mobiles while riding or driving

And either by all or some mentioned above, we our self create traffic jams/accidents and blame the whole system for the same and specifically on the traffic police standing nearby and helping us out of the mess created by a fellow rider or a driver.

The Beat Constable after standing in the pollution, dust and the Sun regulating the rush, at times do take a short break either under a tree or a nearby shop, but when we cross and see this sight we inadvertently pass a comment "Look at him, standing in the shade" and we would cross that junction without even knowing the hardship the Traffic Policeman would have gone through from the morning and would have done the same for the so many days that had passed by .. "He is also HUMAN" right...

To mention one interesting aspect, am living in one of the location which used to be a suburb 10 years before but now became one of the high traffic flow locations in Chennai.

In this stretch there are now 3 signals posts comparing ZERO before and this particular Traffic Constable is there for the past 10 years in any one of the junction and regulates the traffic.

The reason am saying this is, in the past 10 years my life had changed drastically :

1) First, used to travel by bus to commute to college - He was there
2) Got my first job and bought myself a 2 wheeler - He was there
3) After almost 5 years, bought myself a car - He was there
4) Got married and used to commute with my wife in the car - He was there
5) Am blessed with a baby girl and am travelling with MY FAMILY - HE IS STILL THERE

Unknowingly, he had become an integral part of my life and while crossing these 3 junction, my eyes automatically search for him - HE DON'T KNOW THAT. The unfortunate and the saddest part is that i don't know this gentleman name.. What a SHAME on me!!!

Like me, am sure many of those passing this area should have observed him - MUST BE and HOPE SO.

He regulated traffic, he helps pushing the stranded cars, helps pedestrians cross the signals - HE IS THERE

Like him there are several other Traffic Police Constables doing their duty - Night and Day - to maintain the ever increasing traffic and the unruly drivers/riders.

There is a family for them as well to take care while they ensure the "SAFETY OF OUR FAMILY" - on the road..


Bye for Now...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rural Temples in Tamilnadu

My last blog was with photos of various insects, flies and animals.

This time it is about the various rural temples and below are those images.

Had always been amazed at the variety of cultures and habits that are in practice within Tamilnadu itself.

Had compiled below various images of Temples-Deities which i was fortunate enough during my various travels inside Tamilnadu.

The rural areas and it's people are really an eye opener for anybody and everybody who visits and spend time with them.

The kind of wisdom they possess is really amazing.

Ayyanar - This was on the way to Ooty-Near Black Thunder

Dhanuskodi - Rural Tamilnadu
Symbol of strength to  the rural village of Dhanushkodi which got  totally wiped out during the 1964  cyclone.

The stones used for laying the Ramar Palam-Dhanushkodi.
The surprising part of this stone is that it floats in the water inspite of the weight.

Rural Forest Temple - This is near Kodikanal

Goddess Kali-Rural-Temple-Ooty-Rural-Area
Goddess Kali - While travelling in the rural areas in and around Ooty

This magnificent built Hanuman was again during on of trip in the down south rural areas 

This was shot on my way to Bhavani,Tamilnadu

The world famous Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

Temple for God Hanuman, Rural Tamilnadu

This image taken inside a temple at Sivagangai,Tamilnadu

This image taken inside a temple at Sivagangai,Tamilnadu

Srivilliputhur Temple,Tamilnadu.The image of this temple can been in the  official seal of Tamilnadu Government

This is near Tenkasi,Rural Tamilnadu



Velankanni Church

This image is again during one of my trips to Rural Tamilnadu 

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