Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know my Ancestors - Got 2 clients who want to trace the ancestry ....Confident...

This one thought is running continuously in my mind for almost an year now and the way this idea/requirement  got germinated was....

Lost my father (Dad....I Miss You) in the month of May 2010 which of course is a great personal loss to me and during the funerals and while performing the last rites to him, had to include my Grand Father/Grandmother and Great Grand Father/Great Grand Mother and of which i wasn't even aware of.

Fortunately for me, my relatives were around and they helped me out with the names.

This led me to think about my roots and started conversing with my relatives which eventually led me to visit my native town FOR THE FIRST TIME.

My native is a small village near Chengalpet, Tamilnadu and the elderly people there still remember my forefathers and were genuinely shocked on hearing about my father's demise.

They showed me my ancestral home and also a temple built by my ancestors for our family deity which is also the Village Deity. 

These were the eye openers which in turn lead me to search the internet for information but there was none and that too specifically about ancestry in Tamilnadu as we don't have any surname to identify the roots and family origin.

Many an available websites, only encourages us to put in the details which might be of use to the coming generations of ours, as with the common names and without surnames cross mapping, with the past generations might not yield result. (Specifically in Tamilnadu).

Basis these, had started this startup and as of now it's going to be 2 (Myself and a friend of mine who is also interested in history and research).

Our experience in the last 6 months on identifying the roots had given us quite a knowledge and the way & means of doing the same.

We are yet to launch our website "" but had registered this domain in my name.

We do charge our customers for the service rendered to cover our transportation, stay and other expenses but would be nominal.

We got 2 clients to start with and we are confident on our journey...

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