Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tamilnadu Police - Traffic - They are THERE to help us

Would like to dedicate this blog post for the Tamilnadu Police Department - Traffic

Had we ever given a thought about the Traffic Policeman who stands at almost all the important junctions and traffic signals?

Considering the amount of pollution,dust, rain or shine, he would always be there to maintain the sanctity of the traffic flow.

We need to accept the fact that not all of us are SO obedient to oblige to the traffic signals.

Many a times we

1) Jump Signals
2) Don't wear helmet
3) Don't use the seat belts
4) Don't stop exactly at the stop line
5) Do take a "U" turn where it is prohibited
6) Do take the left or the right turn where it is prohibited
7) Do go through "No Entry"
8) Use mobiles while riding or driving

And either by all or some mentioned above, we our self create traffic jams/accidents and blame the whole system for the same and specifically on the traffic police standing nearby and helping us out of the mess created by a fellow rider or a driver.

The Beat Constable after standing in the pollution, dust and the Sun regulating the rush, at times do take a short break either under a tree or a nearby shop, but when we cross and see this sight we inadvertently pass a comment "Look at him, standing in the shade" and we would cross that junction without even knowing the hardship the Traffic Policeman would have gone through from the morning and would have done the same for the so many days that had passed by .. "He is also HUMAN" right...

To mention one interesting aspect, am living in one of the location which used to be a suburb 10 years before but now became one of the high traffic flow locations in Chennai.

In this stretch there are now 3 signals posts comparing ZERO before and this particular Traffic Constable is there for the past 10 years in any one of the junction and regulates the traffic.

The reason am saying this is, in the past 10 years my life had changed drastically :

1) First, used to travel by bus to commute to college - He was there
2) Got my first job and bought myself a 2 wheeler - He was there
3) After almost 5 years, bought myself a car - He was there
4) Got married and used to commute with my wife in the car - He was there
5) Am blessed with a baby girl and am travelling with MY FAMILY - HE IS STILL THERE

Unknowingly, he had become an integral part of my life and while crossing these 3 junction, my eyes automatically search for him - HE DON'T KNOW THAT. The unfortunate and the saddest part is that i don't know this gentleman name.. What a SHAME on me!!!

Like me, am sure many of those passing this area should have observed him - MUST BE and HOPE SO.

He regulated traffic, he helps pushing the stranded cars, helps pedestrians cross the signals - HE IS THERE

Like him there are several other Traffic Police Constables doing their duty - Night and Day - to maintain the ever increasing traffic and the unruly drivers/riders.

There is a family for them as well to take care while they ensure the "SAFETY OF OUR FAMILY" - on the road..


Bye for Now...

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