Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Achievement - In the same month

Am happy and at the same time thrilled on my second achievement and that too in the same month with regards to my blog.

My "First Achievement" was crossing the overall 1000 page views of my blog from day 1 of start and this "Second Achievement" is 1000 page views crossed in a single month itself. (Hope am clear and not confusing).

2007 was when i started blogging and as usual after few posts, did not blog much.

Post marriage, when i showed the photos taken by me to my wife and casually informed about my blog to her and then on her insistence i started blogging rigorously from Nov 2011 and the same is evident from the archive section.

First landmark achievement of over all 1000 page views happened in the month of Jan 2012. It is a big achievement for me and also enabled and pushed me for continuous blogging.

Within days, here am writing about my second achievement of "1000 Page views in a single month".

Thanks to all of you who had made it happen and a special thanks to my wife who insisted me on restarting this blogging.

This would be my 47th blog post and would like to touch the 50th post in this month itself.

Once again....Thanks... 

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