Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Nostalgic

It's time to get nostalgic with elements and instruments from the past.

Many of the current generation wouldn't have even seen this leave alone using, including me :-).

So, if this post helps to get to know certain instruments from the past and at the same time giving a nostalgic feeling to those who had actually seen and used these..then this blog post's purpose is achieved..

Ezhuthani -An instrument used to etch/write in the palm leaves. 
When i was  in school,  my handwriting with  pencil and pen was not up to the mark, to be frank even nowadays also it is 

But i actually forgot when was the last time i wrote, with the advent of computers/mobiles and ipads. 

Hope as soon as my put my little one in her KG in coming years, i would have the responsibility of either having her complete her "Home Work" OR i would be writing the same with my  left hand so as the class teacher do not identify  that. ;-)... Let's see because by that time if tabs are going to be the norm, then i would be writing a similar blog post and replacing the above photo with that of a "Fountain Pen" or a "Sheaffer Pen"..

The "Income Tax" department seal is dated "12th March 1935" and "26th Jan 1935". Those writings are actually in "Tamil". Seems to be that in those days the IT returns has to be done every quarter.

Rotary model telephone

A Wall Clock manufactured by "Robert Neil"


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karaikudi-Faces-Part 6

This is the Part 6 on my series of blogs about Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is dedicated to the people of Kanadukathan, for the kind time spent by them with me while taking snaps and also on passing their wisdom about life.  Thanks to them..

This lady is above 80 and going strong. Even though she has limitation in her vision, but independently doing her daily chores.Spent almost 30mts with her and gained lot of information about Kanadukathan.Very entertaining ad forthcoming. Thanks Paati. (Patti means Grandma in Tamil)

These 2 gentlemen were riding and as soon a i took this photo, they stopped near. Asked me show the  picture which i obediently obeyed. They were happy and told the last time they took a photo was years before and they were not even able to recollect.Still, this misconception that "Taking Photo,reduces the life of ones is prevalent"..

Family and occupants of one of the mansions here at Kanadukathan. Even though they are happy for the fact that  they are living in the same house where their forefathers lived and died but the cost of maintenance is very high and is pinching them badly and the same is evident when i went through their mansion

This couple earn their and their family's daily bread by transporting water  from this pond to the nearby  shops. This is a daily activity and they do this thrice daily. They were happy for the fact that they are sending their 2 kids to school. Considering not to kill their time further, thanked the and moved on.

After taking this snap, i stopped this guy and advised  him on not mix both - Talking and Riding - He gave me a very annoying look and continued his journey - Both talking and Riding. I went my way..

Don't know whose is this, but in that surrounding, this one solitary cycle made for a good photo.

Karaikudi - Street View - In and Around-Chettinad Palace

This is the part 5 of my series of blog pertaining to Chettinad Palace, Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is about the streets in and around the Chettinad Palace.

This view is on the street adjacent to the palace. In the right you can see the palace compound.

This street leads directly to the Chettinad Palace. You can see the compound  of the palace at the far end  in the photo

This is the road in front of the Chettinad Palace. The left hand side building in the photo is the Palace.

This pond and the temple at the far end is bang opposite to the Palace

This tree is in the banks of the pond and the same is visible in the above picture as well.
Will continue with my journey...

100 Page Views of my blog - In a single day - Thanks

This is a major achievement of sorts for someone like me who started off with blogging in a very modest way in 2007 and then stopped and then again restarted post marriage basis my wife's persistence.

Today is really a proud moment for on achieving this major milestone of 100 page views in a single day.

My sincere thanks to Indiblogger and my blogmates at Indiblogger who consistently supported me by way of regular visits to my blog and also through regular comments which kept me going.

Thanks to all other as well who had made this happen and helping me in achieving this..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Karaikudi - Various-Buildings-Part 4

In continuation to my earlier blogs on "Karaikudi", this is 4th one in that series.

This post contains few buildings from the town of Kanadukathan,Karaikudi.

Each and every building is unique below in the way of construction except for the "Twin Buildings".

Each and every house has the statue of their favorite God at the top of the building.

This buildings is in the opposite road to the Chettinad Palace,Karaikudi and  has countless number of windows.Mind you, this photo is of one side and that from the middle of the entire side wall wherein am able to count 16 windows from the above photo itself.

Same building - From a different angle

This building is just opposite to the"Chettinad Mansion" right behind the "Chettinad Palace"

The Twin Buildings of Kanadukaathan,Karaikudi. Tried to take an exact half  of the buildings to show that these are real twin buildings. Built identically, next to next.

This is the most famous "House with 1000 windows"

The Visalam, when i was there, this buildings was getting face-lift.


This blog is the 3rd part in series of blogs about Kanadukathan,Karaikudi.

This blog is dedicated to the outer views of the famous Chettinadu Palace.

The front view of the Chettinad Palace,Kanadukathan,Karaikudi

Side view of the Chettinad Palace

The front and the side view of the Chettinad Palace

A close up view

A different view from a street leading to this palace

Chettinad Palace-Side View

The Watch Tower

Will continue with this journey...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Karaikudi - On a Rainy Day

This blog in continuation to my earlier blog on"Karaikudi" and that too on a rainy day.. 

During this visit to Karaikudi, it was raining and it was raining cats and dogs. Fortunate for me to be there on that day in Karaikudi.The rain gave me a different view and a new information on the Kanadukathan town.Even though, the rain water  is flooding the streets of Kanadukathan, but it seems that the water will not stagnate as it happens in major cities rather would flow down to the nearest rain water drainage.This town is designed and the streets are built accordingly.That's a WoWWWW..

Another view of the running rain water through the streets of Kanadukathan, Karaikudi. This was shot from inside my vehicle with windows rolled up.

This is another photo of the same shot as above expect the focus is on the rain drops on my window glass 

"Oh!Come on...Goes my business for the day because of this rain"...seems to me as if the shop owner is thinking so - in one of the streets in Kanadukathan,Karaikudi.

Place-Just outside the Chettinad Palace at Kanadukathan,Karaikudi
"Oh!Come ooonnnn man...Let it rain or shine...I will ensure that i earn my bread for  me and my family" ..Seems to me that should be running through this hard worker's mind..In contrary to the above photo. A Very Positive Photo.
Place - A temple water tank opp. to the Chettinad Palace,Kanadukathan,Karaikudi. After the heavy down pour, it was  just drizzling and with the heavy wind, was feeling very cold and almost shivering for me.

Place - Opp. to the Chettinad Palace,Kanadukathan,Karaikudi.Finally, the rain god took some rest and allowing the Sun God to come out ..The first rays of Sun and the clearing clouds.. 

Karaikudi is one place which continues to mesmerize me..Will be back with more photos and information..

Women’s Day – Other side of the STORY

The below were shot during my various trips to the rural part of Tamilnadu and thought of publishing a few coinciding with Women's Day.

When are they going to celebrate Women’s Day???  Or is it EVERY DAY for THEM!!!!!!!

                           A visit to the Super Market

In cities – We take pets for a walk but here,she takes them for WORK

Jolly Ride!!!!!

Transportation for WORK-Just imagine how we all travel

Teddy Bears and other friends

This post is about my darling's darlings..

Yes..My darling is my 1.5 year old daughter and her darlings are as below..


The above was done on my girl's first birthday..

They were the main guests and was well supplemented by extended family and friends from our social circle.. ;-)....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Karaikudi... This one place never ceases to amaze me even though am visiting this place every year - Without fail and at times twice a year as well. Am in love with this place for various reasons and also for the variety it gives one.
 1) The Kanadukathan Palace

 2) The Chettinad Mansion

 3) The other houses - Cannot call them houses - The other Bungalows...

 4) The laid back atmosphere

 5) The...The....The... There are so many other "The's" to Karaikudi with it's rich heritage.. Few photos as starters and would keep updating about Karaikudi.

Chettinad-Mansion-This photo seems to be telling the exact fact of many hidden treasures in Karaikudi -Hide and Seek.Not the literal meaning of hidden treasures but a reference.

Karaikudi-Inside-View-Chettinad-Mansion-A Different view ..


The below are flowers shot during my trip to Kodaikanal..



Monday, March 19, 2012

Pressure Cooker - Our day to day Life - Is there any common link??

Even the pressure cooker needs relief at regular interval to let out the steam built in.

If that's the case, how about us???!!!!!..

Hope we also do need to take regular breaks from our routine and if that job is one in which your heart is not there, then THAT'S IT....

We can only work between breaks.

Even, in my case, my interest is in Photography but am unable to convert my passion into a source of livelihood 


Is it because of personal commitments like family, children and other monthly commitments made with attraction to the materials like Car,Home, etc...??


Is it because of a perceived "Fear of Failure" which is Camouflaged by the above statement?? 


Am i not really giving it a try???

Don't know which one?? :-) 

Let me continue my of now..

"Pressure Getting Released"

Coconut Leaf-Part 2

This in continuation to my earlier blog on the Coconut Leaf, here tried getting up and close to the leaf in a Sunday noon and with support from the Sun, the output seems to be good...