Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Karaikudi - Various-Buildings-Part 4

In continuation to my earlier blogs on "Karaikudi", this is 4th one in that series.

This post contains few buildings from the town of Kanadukathan,Karaikudi.

Each and every building is unique below in the way of construction except for the "Twin Buildings".

Each and every house has the statue of their favorite God at the top of the building.

This buildings is in the opposite road to the Chettinad Palace,Karaikudi and  has countless number of windows.Mind you, this photo is of one side and that from the middle of the entire side wall wherein am able to count 16 windows from the above photo itself.

Same building - From a different angle

This building is just opposite to the"Chettinad Mansion" right behind the "Chettinad Palace"

The Twin Buildings of Kanadukaathan,Karaikudi. Tried to take an exact half  of the buildings to show that these are real twin buildings. Built identically, next to next.

This is the most famous "House with 1000 windows"

The Visalam, when i was there, this buildings was getting face-lift.


indu chhibber said...

This type of architecture is not seen in north...nice info.

Sriram J said...

Thanks Indu

saravanan said...

nice photography.

it is the record of tamilian

my best wishes.keep doing.