Friday, March 16, 2012

My Experiment - Part 5 - Various Shutter Speed

This post is on the various shutter speed and the according outputs.

The below photos are taken by treating the same subject to different Shutter Speeds.

Unfortunately, the notes taken by me are damaged and gone beyond the condition of recognizing and hence am unable to put in the shutter speeds for the shots.

The exposure factor remains the same with the difference in the shutter speed alone

Lowest Shutter Speed - The time was around 10 in the night

Shutter Speed - Increased

In this 3rd shot, the tree in the lower right hand corner is becoming visible

Here the background seems to be semi lit thanks to the shutter speed and  lower right hand corner tree  is more visible

This shot with the highest shutter speed my Nikon P80 can offer and  makes it look like day break  but actually it is 10 in the night.


Kajal said...

wow! thats clever... I for one am such a fail as a's auto mode for me at all times. This has inspired me to try manual.

Sriram J said...

Thanks Kajal.. If this post is making you experiment then that itself is an achievement of sorts for an amateur like me.