Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to Change - Self Discipline

Had always wondered on many things and normally the top of the list would be the society and the simple day-to-day happenings around us.

Self discipline is the one which comes to my mind immediately.

When we drive, when we walk, when we are in a queue, when in a supermarket pushing the trolley around...

While driving or riding...

Do  we always follow the signals?

D we always stop at the stop line?

Do we always park our vehicle where the parking is allowed and "No Parking" board is not there?

Do we use the "Zebra Crossing" for crossing the road or as a driver/rider do we allow the pedestrians to cross while using the Zebra.

Do we stand in the queue till our turn comes to pay our bills?

The answers from all of us might range from "Not always, It depends on my Urgency/situation, May be, Yes but at times" etc... but Definitely not a "STRONG YES - I DO IT ALWAYS"..Including me.

Hope many of us would be having kids and we are standing examples for them.

I had changed as it is "Time to Change" for me.

I used to fall in that bracket "Yes,at times and Not always", but the entire thing changed a couple of weeks before and the instrument for that change is my year and half old daughter - Who brought the change in me.

Am a proud father of a girl  and i use to carry/walk her along her on my shopping trips and urgent little needs to the neighborhood shops.

I normally have the habit of saying "Thanks" at the billing counter or to the other shopper who helped in picking up a product of the shelf or the one who gives way to me as i would be carrying my kid in one hand and the purchased stuff in the other.

Couple of weeks before, after paying the bills at the counter and as usual i said thanks and to my and to the counter staff disbelief my daughter Shriya said the same words "THANKS" not an exact pronunciation but the listener can make out that it is "thanks". Mind the fact that she is year and half only.

From then on, whenever something is handed over to her, she is saying the word "Thanks".

Am overwhelmed by this and at that same time, this incident thought me the self discipline part of it as am an standing example and an ready reference for my kid.

Hope it is Time to Change and i CHANGED.

Hope the same applies to he entire society that Self Discipline is one of the biggest asset and tool to have the society CHANGE.

The first change that i had implemented is to start early to Office and to avoid the peak traffic which inevitably pushes us to jump signals and to wrong over take the fellow drivers/riders....


The Solitary Writer said...

My Appa always used to tell me that a successful person is a well disciplined person...discipline is somehting which should be an integral part of an individual...Self discipline is essential..I loved it and hence promoting it...Good luck for the contest...This is indeed thought provoking

Sriram J said...

Thanks for the encouragement.