Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Nostalgic

It's time to get nostalgic with elements and instruments from the past.

Many of the current generation wouldn't have even seen this leave alone using, including me :-).

So, if this post helps to get to know certain instruments from the past and at the same time giving a nostalgic feeling to those who had actually seen and used these..then this blog post's purpose is achieved..

Ezhuthani -An instrument used to etch/write in the palm leaves. 
When i was  in school,  my handwriting with  pencil and pen was not up to the mark, to be frank even nowadays also it is 

But i actually forgot when was the last time i wrote, with the advent of computers/mobiles and ipads. 

Hope as soon as my put my little one in her KG in coming years, i would have the responsibility of either having her complete her "Home Work" OR i would be writing the same with my  left hand so as the class teacher do not identify  that. ;-)... Let's see because by that time if tabs are going to be the norm, then i would be writing a similar blog post and replacing the above photo with that of a "Fountain Pen" or a "Sheaffer Pen"..

The "Income Tax" department seal is dated "12th March 1935" and "26th Jan 1935". Those writings are actually in "Tamil". Seems to be that in those days the IT returns has to be done every quarter.

Rotary model telephone

A Wall Clock manufactured by "Robert Neil"


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