Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 2 - Update "The Mango Tree" outside my window - A Photomentary

In continuation to my earlier blog on the Photomentary about the Mango Tree, here's the week 2 update on the same..

Week 1 Photos - taken on 19th Feb 2012 are as below

The Mango Tree on 19th Feb 2012

The Mango Tree on 19th Feb 2012

Week 2 photos taken on 26th Feb are as below..

The Mango Tree on 26th Feb 2012

The Mango Tree on 26th Feb 2012

Not much change and the flowers looks almost similar to week 1.. Will continue the journey till the Mango ripe out..

Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Mango Tree" outside my window - A Photomentary

This is an unique and first of it's kind try from me.

There is a mango tree outside my window and as the season is approaching, the tree had started to give out flowers.

Herewith trying to capture the weekly development of the process - "From Flower to Mango Fruit",

Am naming this as Photomentary as am to capture the weekly process and establishing the same through photos instead of video.

The reference point taken by me is the Red Colour Airtel Dish TV antenna at the top left corner of the photo.

The Mango Tree
This is the first photo taken on 19th Feb 2012 - Close up

The Mango Tree
This is a general wide angle taken on the Mango Tree.
Am sure to continue this as an experiment till the mangoes ripe out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In memory of Veerapandia Kattabomman

Veerapandiaya Kattabomman - Just saying this name in itself would bring a kind of feeling to us and the way it was portrayed by Mr.Sivaji Ganesan in the movie just epitomises the fact.

The below photo was taken on a rainy day at Kayatharu while travelling to Tirunelveli from Madurai- The place where Kattabomman was hanged and the structure is in memory of him.

In memory of Veerapandiya Kattabomman at Kayatharu.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chennai - Morning Mist - February 20th 2012 @ 8am

These photos are not from Ooty or Kodai or any other hill station but from our very own "Singara Chennai" and that too in the month of Feb at around 8 in the morning - On my way to work...

Unbelievable but True...

Photos are from my iPhone.

If it is going to be like this even in the month of April through July...GOD BLESS US...




Blooper No:3 from Times of India - Chennai Edition

This is in continuation to my earlier 2 posts on the Errors in Times of India

1) Blooper No : 1 - This error was blatant and in the Front Page
2) Blooper No : 2  - This is hidden inside

And the third one is as below

This appeared on the Sunday Times -19th Feb 2012 Edition.

Don't Know from when Rs.1,800 is approximately valued at Rs.1,17,821/-.

If this is an offer from Times of India, would be more than happy to exchange Rs.1,800 for Rs. 1,17,821/-.



Do hope that the  Times of India is having a separate Economic Section which works on a very different inflation and Currency Conversion data and the same is evident in the below picture.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sun - In various colours and moods

This post is dedicated to SUN with various pictures taken  during my various travels.

The reason for this is a sort of contribution to Sun for the kind of lighting he provides us with which not only helps the plants, animals and human beings to live but also the source of light to which all photographers look up to.

Me, being one among those, who love to take photos in the available light and one major source for the same is Mr.SUN.

This post consists of Sun in various colours, moods and timings.

                                  This was on my way from Mannargudi to Trichy on a rainy evening

                                        This one is from Alampara Fort - Nice and quiet evening

                              This one was taken from midst of a burning field. On my way to Perambalur

                                              Same location as above. An up and mid shot

                                               This is from my favourite location - Karaikudi.

                                                   Early morning Sun - Mahabalipuram

                                                          Morning Sun - Kodaikanal

                                                      Sun-Sea-Clouds - Mahabalipuram

This again from my favourite location - Karaikudi. Just after a rain and in front of the Kanadukathan Chettinad Palace.
                               Okay - I'm done and on my way back home  for a nice night rest - Sun Set

Thinking about dedicating my next blog to water bodies - In contrast to my earlier blog...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram - Ideal Beach Resort

Last week had an opportunity to stay and spend time at Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram.

Beautiful Resort, Superb Service and the stay was memorable.. Thanks to the courteous staff for making this stay a memorable one.. Sure to go back there again someday..

The below photos are of "The Grand Canyon"@ Mahabalipuram..

Thanks to my friend Yathindhar for giving this idea.

We hit the beach at around 6 am to get the Sun, Sand and the Sea.

This blog is about the"The Great Canyons" of Mahabalipuram.

These shots may be interesting to some and might be amateurish to some, nevertheless - A TRY IS A TRY...

The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram
The Sand Dunes

The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram
The various shades of the dunes

The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram
One more 
The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram

The Grand Canyon at Mahabalipuram

The Casual Photographer at Work
This photo is special to me as it is me @work capturing "The Grand Canyon" and is a candid shoot of mine taken by Yathin. Hope now you are of the subjects in the above photographs..Yes the hole in front of me is the "SUBJECT"..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alampara Fort - On the way to Mahabs alias Mahabalipuram

Alampara Fort...

This fort was there in my wish list for quite sometime and i was able to tick it off by a visit to the same one Saturday - Thanks to my friend who took me there and that too on a sunny evening.

A brief history about that fort is as below :

The fort called as Alamparai and also as Alampara and was built during the Mogul in the late 17th Century and was also a dockyard for export.

This fort is situated at a approximate distance of 100 kms from Chennai, 50 kms from Mahabalipuram.

We reached there around 4 in the evening and was desolate.

We were the lone travelers /tourists at that time of the hour and the sun giving us a superb lighting effect.

Photos are as below :

                                         View of the sunset at Alampara Fort through the remains

                                                    Spectacular sun set at Alampara fort

                                                                    One more

                                             Tata, Bye-Bye from Mr.Sun...Retiring for the  day

                                                       Mosque inside the Alampara Fort

                                                               The remains of the fort

                                                      The seaside remains of the Fort

                                                           One for the Evening...

For further details about the fort..pls do follow the link

My long Cherished Dream - Becoming a Tamil Film Director

This photo is very special to me as this a long cherished dream of mine is to become a Tamil Film Director and am inching towards that..

Director Sriram
                            Director Sriram - Am sure that one day i would be a director and am preempting the same...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winner of Photography Competition held in our office


This is a real good recognition of sorts...

Yes, won a photographic competition held in our office and open only to the employees.

Each employee can send in only one photo and am adjudged winner..

This is a real confidence booster for me..


Blooper No:2 in Times of India - 6th Jan 2012 - Chennai Edition

In continuation to my earlier blog on Error in Times of India - Chennai Edition,, this is second such error which i noticed on the 6th Jan 2012 Chennai Edition and thee photos are below.

Really don't know how come a paper of Times of India is continuously doing errors of this sort and this one is blatant.

                                              This is on the Chennai Edition, 6th Jan 2012

The story headlines says TNEB  should recoup Rs.11.8CR from negligent staff and the article is pegging the same at Rs.11.8Lacs.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is my 50th Blog Post.. Thanks to My Wife and Team Indiblogger


One another milestone for me....50th blog post..

Yes, this is really an achievement of sorts for a guy like me who is so lazy to do things.

Thanks to my Wife, without the regular push and encouragement from her, wouldn't have reached this milestone.

Would like to thank all the readers especially the friends from Indiblogger for their regular comments and inputs which was also an enabler of sorts.. Thank you All..

My the time has come to see how soon am going to hit the CENTURY, because even though i started blogging from 2007 but am to accept the fact that i started seriously blogging from December 2011 only and that after a series and serious push from my better half..

Am to thank that lovely lady in my life, my strength and support for all that i had achieved in the last couple of months in blogging and in the last couple of years in my life..

Thanks YOU WIFEY...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sun,Rays and Hide and Seek - Thiruvarur to Trichy

These photos were taken while travelling from Thiruvarur to Trichy on rain and as well a cloudy day.

We stopped our car for a short break but that break proved to be a good one for me as the Sun, its rays and cloud were playing with each other and giving me the delight and opportunity to capture the rays and shine..

Below are the output..

This is taken with Nikon P80 Model.

                                                  As if someone showing the path from heaven

From Thiruvarur to Trichy...Guiding the way with light and the one that attracts me in this photo is the Overhead Transmission Power Line made visible... 
Mr.Sun, coming out of the cloud after playing hide and seek..Thiruvarur to Trichy.. The mild reflection from the pond below adds more attraction to this...