Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is my 50th Blog Post.. Thanks to My Wife and Team Indiblogger


One another milestone for me....50th blog post..

Yes, this is really an achievement of sorts for a guy like me who is so lazy to do things.

Thanks to my Wife, without the regular push and encouragement from her, wouldn't have reached this milestone.

Would like to thank all the readers especially the friends from Indiblogger for their regular comments and inputs which was also an enabler of sorts.. Thank you All..

My the time has come to see how soon am going to hit the CENTURY, because even though i started blogging from 2007 but am to accept the fact that i started seriously blogging from December 2011 only and that after a series and serious push from my better half..

Am to thank that lovely lady in my life, my strength and support for all that i had achieved in the last couple of months in blogging and in the last couple of years in my life..

Thanks YOU WIFEY...


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Dee........ said...

Congrats and good luck ahead !

Sriram J said...

Thanks Barun Jha and Deepak..