Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alampara Fort - On the way to Mahabs alias Mahabalipuram

Alampara Fort...

This fort was there in my wish list for quite sometime and i was able to tick it off by a visit to the same one Saturday - Thanks to my friend who took me there and that too on a sunny evening.

A brief history about that fort is as below :

The fort called as Alamparai and also as Alampara and was built during the Mogul in the late 17th Century and was also a dockyard for export.

This fort is situated at a approximate distance of 100 kms from Chennai, 50 kms from Mahabalipuram.

We reached there around 4 in the evening and was desolate.

We were the lone travelers /tourists at that time of the hour and the sun giving us a superb lighting effect.

Photos are as below :

                                         View of the sunset at Alampara Fort through the remains

                                                    Spectacular sun set at Alampara fort

                                                                    One more

                                             Tata, Bye-Bye from Mr.Sun...Retiring for the  day

                                                       Mosque inside the Alampara Fort

                                                               The remains of the fort

                                                      The seaside remains of the Fort

                                                           One for the Evening...

For further details about the fort..pls do follow the link


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interesting shots!!!

Sriram J said...

Thanks Sushmita...