Monday, February 20, 2012

Blooper No:3 from Times of India - Chennai Edition

This is in continuation to my earlier 2 posts on the Errors in Times of India

1) Blooper No : 1 - This error was blatant and in the Front Page
2) Blooper No : 2  - This is hidden inside

And the third one is as below

This appeared on the Sunday Times -19th Feb 2012 Edition.

Don't Know from when Rs.1,800 is approximately valued at Rs.1,17,821/-.

If this is an offer from Times of India, would be more than happy to exchange Rs.1,800 for Rs. 1,17,821/-.



Do hope that the  Times of India is having a separate Economic Section which works on a very different inflation and Currency Conversion data and the same is evident in the below picture.