Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sun - In various colours and moods

This post is dedicated to SUN with various pictures taken  during my various travels.

The reason for this is a sort of contribution to Sun for the kind of lighting he provides us with which not only helps the plants, animals and human beings to live but also the source of light to which all photographers look up to.

Me, being one among those, who love to take photos in the available light and one major source for the same is Mr.SUN.

This post consists of Sun in various colours, moods and timings.

                                  This was on my way from Mannargudi to Trichy on a rainy evening

                                        This one is from Alampara Fort - Nice and quiet evening

                              This one was taken from midst of a burning field. On my way to Perambalur

                                              Same location as above. An up and mid shot

                                               This is from my favourite location - Karaikudi.

                                                   Early morning Sun - Mahabalipuram

                                                          Morning Sun - Kodaikanal

                                                      Sun-Sea-Clouds - Mahabalipuram

This again from my favourite location - Karaikudi. Just after a rain and in front of the Kanadukathan Chettinad Palace.
                               Okay - I'm done and on my way back home  for a nice night rest - Sun Set

Thinking about dedicating my next blog to water bodies - In contrast to my earlier blog...