Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sun,Rays and Hide and Seek - Thiruvarur to Trichy

These photos were taken while travelling from Thiruvarur to Trichy on rain and as well a cloudy day.

We stopped our car for a short break but that break proved to be a good one for me as the Sun, its rays and cloud were playing with each other and giving me the delight and opportunity to capture the rays and shine..

Below are the output..

This is taken with Nikon P80 Model.

                                                  As if someone showing the path from heaven

From Thiruvarur to Trichy...Guiding the way with light and the one that attracts me in this photo is the Overhead Transmission Power Line made visible... 
Mr.Sun, coming out of the cloud after playing hide and seek..Thiruvarur to Trichy.. The mild reflection from the pond below adds more attraction to this...

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