Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Water....Where is it? Aren't we Ashamed of our self ??!!!

This blog post is dedicated to one of the commodity which is becoming rare and rare with each passing day..

Yes, it's about the "Availability of Water"...Rather to put it correct "Non Availability of Water" and the below photos are self explanatory.

What are we going to do about the same??!!! Even this can get selfish also... What are we going to do fr our own future generation and family..At times, selfishness is also good for a larger cause.

Once, it was a commodity which was available for free everywhere, even now also it is available BUT AT A COST.  A branded 1 litre water bottle costing Rs.16/- and the one being supplied to home, 20litre can is costing Rs.30/-.. A liter of water costing more than Re.1/- and we are bothered about the raise in Petrol and Diesel costs.

Was under the assumption that Good Potable Water is a "BASIC HUMAN RIGHT"..... but now??????

We (including me) are responsible for this and what are going to do for this???

What am i going to do for my daughter and my generation down the line???

Below photos are self explanatory and i do hope this becomes a sort of "EYE OPENER" for all of us...

All Footsteps Leads to Water
We normal use a phrase " All Roads Leads to Rome" but if i go by the above photo then am force to rephrase the same as " All Footsteps leads to Water"

Future Looks Bleak
If we go with the existing breakneck speed on diminishing our "Water Sources" then "Future Looks Bleak"

Used to be a Water Way
The above picture shows a place which used to be a waterway.. Now only the way is there and "NO WATER"

Water...What's that?
                                                          Water.....What is THAT?

Water..Where is it?
                                                           Water....Where is THAT?

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