Monday, January 23, 2012

Dedicated to Children - Met during my various travel to Rural Tamilnadu

This blog post is to various children i met during my various travels throughout Tamilnadu. The interactions had with each one of them is really an eyeopener of sorts for me in various ways like their innocence, their way of life, their school and friends, their past time etc... Enjoyed each moment spent with them and few snaps from my collection.

                 This was taken near Dharmapuri..This girl was so shy while talking but when giving pose, she herself suggested the  location.

This was taken during my trip to Banatheertham. Seriously must be something of real importance, these guys did not even know that am photographing

This was on my trip to Hogenakkal. Seems to be his favorite one, he refused giving me for one ride, a taking this photo and showing this to him, then only and that too reluctantly gave me an opportunity..

This is again near Dharmapuri. She would pump and then run to the other end to drink the water and by that time  the water flow would cease. Did watched this and offered my help with the pump and then this pose for me in return
This was on my trip to Adiramapattinam Beach. Fearless guys. They had a vessel full of live crabs, freshly hunted 
Somewhere near Erode
This was taken on my way to Erode..Post returning from school, he would help his dad. This is one of my favorite photo as he did not pose, but reacted when i called his name and thus this photo. He is the class topper as well. Where else should we go to find "Achievers inspite of Adversities"

This is from Hogenakkal..This guy was so photo shy, that he closed his face instead of....

This again is from Hogenakkal..My friend having a whale of a time and playing the 5 stones.. 

This was on my trip to Adiramapattinam Beach. Such an flexibility and many of us can just dream of..

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