Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superstar Rajinikanth - Met him in the Year 2002 at Poes Garden Residence

This happened in the first half of 2002 (must be between Mar to May).

My office was located at Cathedral Road, and came to office for picking up some materials required for me for servicing.

One of Customer Care Executive came to running and asked whether am free and can handle an Emergency Request that had come in from a VIP Customer.

Told her that, it depends upon the VIP (:-)), my availability differs and she told me that the VIP is none other than Mrs.Latha Rajinikanth and the product to be serviced was at their residence - Poes Garden. Immediately said YES and rushed to Poes Garden.

The residence was at the dead end and with a black gate. If i remember right, there are 2 entrance gates, one which leads to the office room and the other to their residence.

Informed the security about the purpose of my visit and was waiting outside the gate.

He came back in less than 2 mts and ushered me in to the office.

A big Rajnikanth's photos framed in glass welcomes us. The still was from the film Peddarayudu...

Met the office bearers there and went into the room where our product was and Mrs.Rajinikath was sitting inside,gave me a warm smile, i acknowledged her back with a "Hello Ma'am,How are you?" and went ahead with my work of rectifying the issue.

A nice piping hot tea was served to me, had the same, finished my work and came out of the main entrance to pack and leave, of course with a disappointment that unable to see the Superstar. This may be a long drawn call but..."Desire Leaves no Man"...

AND now the unexpected and the one i was expecting for - Happened...

As i just opened the main gate to leave, there was a slight commotion behind me and 2 to 3 gentlemen came rushing towards to me and i got alarmed, "What did i do?", but the reason was something else...

 it was the SUPERSTAR HIMSELF walking towards the gate and came as close as just 2 feet, smiled at me (he must have assumed that i was working with "The Ashram"), and stood next to me as am blocking his way to the gate.

I was paralyzed and not knowing how to react, just kept starring at him, in the meanwhile Mrs.Rajini came out, and started talking to me about the product and what are the other options they have to upgrade or go in for a different product. (All these happened simultaneously).

Was speechless and words refused to come out of my mouth, Superstar was looking at me and there i was standing speechless looking at the couple, baffled, speechless etc..

Regained my posture and informed her about the new products briefly and with Superstar standing as close as 2 feet from me, looking at me intently (You guys know about his eyes - Powerful).

After informing her, came out of the building but was unable to take my 2 wheeler out, as Superstar's white ambassador was parked just beside me, leaving no room for me to take out my vehicle.

Just imagine guys, the Superstar, Rajinikanth, using a WHITE AMBASSADOR CAR AND THE YEAR AM REFERRING TO IS 2002 wherein many a Cielos, Ford Escorts and our very own Maruti Esteems were running in thousands at that time, but here the man who commands such a followers around the world, is still using an Ambassador car. That's a WoW.

He came out, boarded the car, and rode away - On his way to BABA Shooting.

Followed him till Cathedral Road Junction..

So simple, no air around him, not throwing his weight around, treating everyone as equals, smiling at an absolute stranger and listening to what am saying to his better half.


Tomorrow it about my meeting with Suseendran, the director of films like "Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu", "Naan Mahan Alla", "Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai" and the forgettable "Rajapattai"..

Bye for now...

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Hariharan Valady said...

Interesting. I have read about Rajni using Ambassador car in the past also. Simplicity.