Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thala Ajith - Met him in Person - Year 2000

The first time i met Thala Ajith was in the year 2000 - Even before he was referred to as "Thala"..

Was working with an Office Automation company and it was a weekday noon, one of my team member paged me (Yes, Pager, Of course it is obsolete now) informing me about a printer installation and the customer name was A.K.International, Alwarpet.

Being an ardent fan of Ajith from Aasai days and was following each and every information about him, something struck me.

Few days before, read in a newspaper that Ajith had started a company by name A.K.International aiming at giving a more professional outlook to his film commitments.

Now, coming back to the pager message, as soon as i read A.K.International, i was happy, elated and at the same time prayed God that, this must be the same A.K.International.

Went to that address at Alwarpet, it was an apartment complex and the flat am to go was in the basement.

As i stepped inside that flat, it was an office setup, but to my dismay no reference was there to confirm this belongs to Thala Ajith.. Not even posters or photo prints.. nothing...

Was unhappy but something inside me was continuously telling me...THIS IT IT..THIS BELONGS TO AJITH.

Above all, as this being a customer visit for me and as am representing a company, restricted myself to that extent and checked with the gentleman sitting in the reception as to where the product has to be installed. He showed me a cabin and came along with me.

As soon as he opened the cabin, THERE HE WAS, SITTING INSIDE...YES GUYS, IT WAS AJITH HIMSELF...

As soon as i saw him, without knowing how to react, came out of the cabin and was just standing outside.

Was it because,

This was the first time for me, seeing a celebrity?
That too a movie star?
And that too the one to whom am an ardent fan of.?

Composed myself and went in again, met him, shook hands with him and proceeded with the installation.

But, all along the feeling that Ajith is standing next to me made me more elated and at the same time more uncomfortable.

Hope, he sensed that, touched my shoulders, and as he was already planning to leave, informed to carry on with my installation and to update the gentleman sitting in the reception.

The gentleman sitting in the reception area was none other than his "Man Friday" - Suresh Chandra...

The installation was over and went back to Mr.Suresh Chandra to get the necessary documents signed.

While Suresh was signing the documents, there was one guy sitting in the reception with an album sort of a manual and documents on hand. By this time i sensed him to be an assistant director and trying for his break to become an independent film director.

You guys want to know who he was????

He was none other than A.R.Murugadoss...Yes, the director who gave not only the blockbuster "Dheena" to us but also the title of "THALA" to our Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar.

All this might look a bit tad and the coincidences as strange as all these happened to me in the same day but at that time no one knows who Murugadoss was including me.

Came out of A.K.International and went straight to my office and told everyone that i MET, SPOKE AND SHOOK HANDS WITH AJITH.

Can never forget that day till my life.

My Next Meeting with Ajith was at his newly built residence at Seaward Road, Thiruvanmiyur and am reserving the same  for my next blog.

See you all and come back for more..

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