Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thala Ajith - Meeting him for the second time

In continuation to my earlier blog on Thala Ajith - Met him in Person - Year 2000,the next opportunity came to me in the mid of 2001.

It was a Sunday noon and one of my colleague who's handling the customers in and around Thiruvanmiyur called me and informed that he had got a call from Ajith's residence at Seaward Road, Thiruvanmiyur for a service request. As my colleague knows that am an ardent fan of Ajith, did this FAVOR to me.

Was staying at Alwarthirunagar and not wanting to miss this opportunity, immediately took my Samurai and rushed to Thiruvanmiyur.

My colleague who had reached earlier was waiting for me near Ajith's residence.

A big black metal gate welcomed us, we opened and went in.

The distance between the gate and the entrance seems to be a long journey as am to see my Idol in flesh after almost a year's time.

In the gap of one year, Film Dheena got released and went on to become a blockbuster and also Ajith was started to be referred as Thala by one and all. Dheena was followed by Citizen, Povellam Un Vaasam got released and cemented his position in this cut throat film industry where every Friday makes or breaks the career/ life of many actors and technicians depending upon the box office performance.

Now coming back to Ajith's residence and whatever am able to recollect now as it is almost 10 years now, am blogging it down.

1) Long path way from the gate to the main entrance.
2) 2 Wheeler's - Yamaha, Bullet and one other 2 wheeler.
3) 4 Wheeler's - Maruti Zen (Not the Estilo), Tata Sierra and another 4 wheeler.
4) A room for the visitors to sit fitted with AC.

Inside the house, as far as i observed - As i did not want to look around which is certainly not at all basic manners to pry around other's residence.

1) A small setup with 2 to 3 chairs around surrounded by plants and a direct sunlight through a glass window from the ceiling - Was looking Great and Romantic as well.
2) A stair case to the first floor - Through which i was led to the first floor office room

This is what the max i saw and restricted myself on not to look around further even though was tempted to do so.

The first floor office room was fully equipped with 2 to 3 computers, printers, fax and a photocopier.

The walls were completely done with book shelves made of wood and was full of books and few books i noticed were about Cars, Racing, Formula One and Ayrton Senna and Ajith is an ardent fan of Senna.

As we were trouble shooting our product, THALA AJITH walked into the room and dressed in a Pattu Shirt and Veshti with red vermilion in his forehead... YES IN THE SAME GETUP AS IN THE MOVIE RED.

But the reason for him to be in that costume was for another reason - It was Grihaprevesham for his new built home.  Yes, was there at his residence on the day of Grihapravesham function.

He sat there in the sofa and discussed with us the problem he was facing with the product.

Spoke to him about the movie Mugavari as that was and would always be my favorite.

He was there with us for more than 15 minutes, offered us tea and also took one for himself, spoke to us till we finished the tea, thanked us and went away.

All those 15 to 20 minutes were almost magical for me, as i was in witness to a Mass Star whom, many a people want to meet up and talk to, ready to do anything crazy for that one encounter and i just there enjoying the same about which many can only dream of. Am not boasting or trying to be arrogant with my previous sentence but the please to allow me to be so...

Finished our Job, Met Thala Ajith on the way out, Wished him All the Best...and back home..

In those 2 encounters had with Ajith, few things that came out was
1) He is humble
2) Success did not go over his head
3) Treating everyone as equals and giving them the necessary respect while addressing and as well conversing
4) Caring

He is here to stay and that too for many more years to come..

Wishing him once again...All the Very Best....... Thala

My next blog is about the "Encounter with SUPERSTAR"... Yes, it is none other than Rajnikanth...


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