Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jallikattu - Come Pongal - Tamilnadu

Even though lot has been and being talked about the legality about this generations old spectacle of Tamilnadu - Jallikaatu still going strong and is one of the much awaited show of strength and valour among youths in Tamilandu especially in the places in and around Maduari.

Though Alanganallur Jallikattu is world famous equally famous is the one that happens at Palamedu and was a witness to one of the Jallikattu.

Jallikattu is really a show of strength game and certainly not for the weak hearted and the ones without confidence.Yes, body strength is equally important but more required is the technique to hold on to the hump of the Kaalai and travel the specified distance without falling out.

The one i witnessed had its own glorious moments like winners taking home many a household items like Mixer Grinder,Steel Almirah, Table Fan, Ceiling Fan etc.. but also had its own sorrow moments like the players getting hurt.

Someone got away with minor injuries but with some seriously injured. Able to hear the siren of ambulance every 30 mts or so..

The number of visitors cannot be counted in numbers but can only be referred to as a HUMAN OCEAN.

The entire stretch is occupied and not even a bit of place is available. Roof tops, Lorries and even the coconut trees are occupied to witness this spectacle.

Jallikattu Kaalai
                              The jallikattu kaalai being controlled by its owners from a safe distance

Jallikattu Kaalai Close up
Up and as close as possible - Jallikattu Kalai

Jallikattu Kaalai
On the way to the entry point

Jallikattu Kaalai
Not  "Behind the Bars" but waiting for his turn

Jallikattu Kaalai Line up
The line of Jallikattu Kaalai

Jallikattu Hero
It's Me ----- Jallikattu Hero

Watching Jallikattu
Not wanting to miss any action he had taken a very vantage view point

Jallikattu Entry Point
The entry through which the Kaalai's come out to be tamed and tackled by the participants but in many cases it is actually other way around

Got hurt in Jallikattu
Poor Guy, got himself hurt and being carried to the ambulance..Hope he is fine now

Human Ocean
It is humans everywhere from all walks of life gathered to witness this once a year extravaganza

Jallikattu Palamedu
One more on the spectators for Jallikattu

Spectators at the Jallikatttu
Stands, Lorries and the house tops occupied by the spectators

Spectators at the Jallikatttu
The stands put up for the spectators - Occupied completely

Jallikatttu winner with his reward
The jallikattu winner takes is reward home..


Rahul said...

This is barbaric and the SC should immediately ban it as no political party will do it for fear of votes. Morever seeing so many Tamilians complaining that this objection is against them is also so fooolish. Be it Tamils or Up iites,such type of inhuman treatment to the animals is intolerable.

Bricks in Chennai said...
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