Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Mango Tree" outside my window - A Photomentary

This is an unique and first of it's kind try from me.

There is a mango tree outside my window and as the season is approaching, the tree had started to give out flowers.

Herewith trying to capture the weekly development of the process - "From Flower to Mango Fruit",

Am naming this as Photomentary as am to capture the weekly process and establishing the same through photos instead of video.

The reference point taken by me is the Red Colour Airtel Dish TV antenna at the top left corner of the photo.

The Mango Tree
This is the first photo taken on 19th Feb 2012 - Close up

The Mango Tree
This is a general wide angle taken on the Mango Tree.
Am sure to continue this as an experiment till the mangoes ripe out.

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