Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karaikudi - Street View - In and Around-Chettinad Palace

This is the part 5 of my series of blog pertaining to Chettinad Palace, Kanadukathan, Karaikudi.

This blog is about the streets in and around the Chettinad Palace.

This view is on the street adjacent to the palace. In the right you can see the palace compound.

This street leads directly to the Chettinad Palace. You can see the compound  of the palace at the far end  in the photo

This is the road in front of the Chettinad Palace. The left hand side building in the photo is the Palace.

This pond and the temple at the far end is bang opposite to the Palace

This tree is in the banks of the pond and the same is visible in the above picture as well.
Will continue with my journey...

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