Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Arisi Vathal or Arisi Vadaam - "BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS" in our memory only.

This used to be a habit with almost every house hold those days and especially during summer.


And with the advent of nuclear families with hard pressed for time and living in apartment with space constraints and also the "PROTECTION" to these vadaams while drying in sun is also a "CAUSE OF CONCERN" with adventurous children playing around and the numerous readymades that are available in the nearby "Annachi Maligai Kadai" or the "Branded Supermarkets", this "TRADITION" of homemade vadaam is vanishing fast.

To my delight, the family next door is doing this religious every summer and here are the same.

Making my mouth watery at the site of the same and also bringing back those memories wherein my Grandmother and my Mom used to do this.

This was more of a family get together sessions, wherein not only my grandmom and mom but also my aunts and next door neighbours used to do this in the terrace and "Motta Madi" tamil.

As a child used to sneak in, taste the Vadaam Mavu in itself is an adventure and the taste is still in my memory.


At times, i really feel with the advent of new technologies and also to run behind making money, with nuclear families, those small small togetherness are long lost and remains as a "BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS" in our memory only.

Arisi-Vadaam-Arisi Vathal
Arisi Vadaam

Arisi-Vadaam-Arisi Vathal
Arisi Vathal

Arisi-Vadaam-Arisi Vathal
In the process

Arisi-Vadaam-Arisi Vathal
Arisi Vadaam -  A Close up..

Photos below to rekindle those memories...

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