Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dakshina Chitra - Part 2

This post contains various Doors, Windows and other Subject Matter  i MET @ Dakshina Chitra  :-)

Entrance to the Fascinating World of Dakshina Chitra. To this Gentleman's Left  is the Ticket Counter and to his right is an handcraft shop which has beautiful hand made articles.

The Veena and Natarajar

Same Veena but viewed through a hole from the nearby wall. This photo was shot while Zooming back and at the same time releasing the shutter. Hope this is a good shot

A close up on the Door Knock - "Calling Bell" of the Yesteryear
The entrance to the AC Dining Hall

An architecture in the same door

Side view of the above photo
Multiple Doors 

The window - Camouflaged with the surroundings 

Window - AC Dining Room with a nice Yellow Border

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Anonymous said...

That photo of the veena through the square hole is brilliant