Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spider-Web-Dakshina-Chitra -Part 3

I can vouch and with full confidence can say that Dakshina Chitra is a Photographer's Paradise in all sorts..Okay..Okay..To use a Photographer's Slang..It is a  Photographer's Paradise in all "ANGLES"..;-)

Below are 2 shots on the Spider @ its home..Spider and a Full Blown WEB.

Spider-Web - This is the front view of the web and it's resident 

The rear view of the same. This is the first time am witnessing a full blown spider web and really intriguing to see the way the nest was built. How on earth does this guy or girl built this?? Really interesting. Especially the ZIG-ZAGS just above the head and below the spider are exactly formed opposite to each other. Why so? Interesting piece to study...

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spider chart said...

Scaring view, if i am a house owner of that lot, i will buy some serious insecticide :D