Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Experience Called Life

Am actually puzzled, excited and amazed at certain numbers and relation of the same in my Life.

Got my first 2 wheeler in the year 1995 and it was a Bajaj Sunny with registration number - TN 09 - 7102

Gave it off in 1996 and bought myself a Suzuki Samurai with reg number as TN 09 - 3721.

Samurai was part of me for almost 10 years till 2006, this guy was with me through all my ups and down and hence i have a sentimental attachment with this guy and still have him in my garage.

Fulfilled my long cherished dream of owning an Yamaha - RX 100 in 2006. After a long combing operation in the second hand market and the "For Sale" ads given by individuals in papers, zeroed in on one Yamaha and the registration number was TN 09 - 1177. The pure coincidence was that the registration number was my  date and year of birth. 11/77.

Then graduated to a 4 wheeler in 2008 and got myself a Wagon R.

Got married in 2010 and wanted to gift my wife a 2 wheeler and hence purchased a Scooty Streak in 2011 and to my astonishment.. you guys know what..

It had the same registration number as my FIRST VEHICLE -  7102.

Both myself and my wife were puzzled/excited/astonished etc..etc...

Hope this is what is coined as " We don't know what future holds for us!!"