Friday, May 4, 2012

This is my 100th Blog Post- Will Continue my "Journey" rather "Blogney"

This is one real long journey for me considering that i started blogging from May of 2007 and achieving the 100th Blog Post again in the Month of May but the year is 2012... Again this is a very strange coincidence..

 001st Blog Post        May 2007
100 th Blog Post        May 2012.

Need to admit one fact that i restarted rigorously from Dec 2011 only.

From May 2007 to Nov 2011, the total blog post created by me were only 19.

From Dec 2011 to May 2012, the remaining 81 posts were created.

Am using the word "CREATED" and not "WRITTEN", simply because, using the word "created" gives me a sort of "HIGH Feeling".:-). Hope you all understand that am not try to brag myself..but it's a feeling...

Need to thank my Wife for the push she gave me to restart this blog or else i wouldn't have been here..

Need to convey my thanks to the "Entire Indiblogger Family" as without their regular comments and feedback, i wouldn't have reached this state.

Thanks to you team.

Will continue my "Journey" rather "Blogney"

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