Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dhanushkodi - Nature's Fury

This is one place which i can never ever forget in my life which sent shivers down my spine.....Dhanushkodi.

To reach Dhanushkodi one has to travel to Rameshwaram and then we can drive down to Dhanushkodi in our own vehicle or take a local bus which of course runs only on specific timings. From the Dhanushkodi Bus stand, (a neglected piece of shed), you need to take the Four Wheel Drive only.. Now, don't assume the swanky Land Rovers or the Range Rovers, pls do see the photo on the mode of transportation.

The travel normally takes 20 to 40 mts depending upon the driver's capability, we reach the original DHANUSHKODI.

History : A cyclone in December 1964, washed away the entire village of Dhanushkodi. Prior to this storm, there was an Railway Station, a high School, a hospital and if am right a custom's office as well. It is said that a passenger train with over 100 passengers was totally wiped off into the sea.

The people who were fortunate enough to live post the cyclone, shifted their ROOTS to the nearby villages and Rameshwaram. Just think shifting our home from a place where we were born and brought up.. The interviews and the general talks i had with the people over there brought tears in my eyes and one song that came to my miind was from Maniratnam's film "Kannathil Mutthammittal" -- Vidai Kodu engal nadae..

Dhanushkodi Church
Dhanuskodi Post Office
Dhansushkodi Post Office

This is place is at the southern tip of Tamilnadu and got devastated because of a cyclone in 1964. This cyclone devastated the entire village which was pre dominantly ocuupied by Fishermen.

Incidentally our Ex President Mr.Abdul Kalam had spent his early days in this village only.

Dhanushkodi is situated in the South-East of Pamban. The Dhanushkodi railway line was destroyed in the 1964 cyclone from Pamban Station and a trainload of passengers was washed into the sea. Even though the railway line was laid between Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi, it was in course of time covered by six sand dunes and it was abandoned. One has to reach Dhanushkodi on foot along sea shore or in jeeps on sand dunes.

Dhanushkodi Beach

Dhanushkodi - Where is my School?

Even now while writing this...i still feel and hear the voices of those people i met and spoke with..

Why God Why???!!!


Dee........ said...

it gives some strange feel to see those ruined things

Sunil Deepak said...

Thanks for this introduction to Dhanushkodi

Sriram J said...

Yes Dee.. It gives a very strange feel from within us and during the interactions with those still living is more so..

Sriram J said...

Thanks Mr.Sunil.. Infact am planning to do a documentary or a Photomentary about Dhanushkodi and Kanadukaathan near Karaikudi..Let's see..