Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Am back after a long time, rather after a LOOOONNNGGGG TIME...

But in the years that had passed by, was travelling even more aggresively to many a small towns and villages in Tamilnadu,India.

These travels and the meetings with many of them had actually humbled me a lot and also helped me UNDERSTAND what LIFE is al about.

The simplicity of the people in villages, their humanity and at the same time the humorous ways inspite of their physical and mental hardships is really amazing.

Eventhough there is an acute shortage of money for them to lead their daily life but the Self Confidence, Humor, Helping Tendency, Getting Together during a Function or Festival or Crisis are really amazing.

Thanking God for providing me with such an Amazing Opportunities and also my heart wants to "GO BACK" and "DO SOMETHING".

Resolving myself to "DO SOMETHING" and had devised a plan as well.

Will Start uploading photos....

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