Friday, November 11, 2011

Travel to Adirampattinam

This time it about the travel to Adirampattinam,Tamilnadu..

It happened one night when i was in Trichy and all of a sudden a itching sensation to visit a coastal took me over..if you ask me why... i don't know WHY??!!

Mind you, Trichy by virtue of being in the middle of Tamilnadu (Literally) and the nearest coastal town is a minimum of 100 kms away.

After  referring to the maps, we zeroed in on ADIRAMPATTINAM.. which is a cool 100+ KM from Trichy.

We started at around 6:30 in the morning and had our breakfast in Trichy itself.

We passed through Thajavur and Pattukottai along with numerous other small picturesque villages to reach Adirampattinam.

It took us almost 2.5hrs to reach and as we had the singular target of reaching Adirampattinam at the earliest we did not stop in the other major locations like Tanjore and Pattukottai.

When we reached Adirampattinam it was around 9 am.

This town lies in the scenic ECR from Chennai to Kanniyakumari.

To reach the sand we were to pass through the local hamlets and at last MY LEGS WERE IN THE SAND

What a feeling..You wanna know that..IT WAS HOT AND IMMDTLY HAD MY SHOES BACK..Ha Ha Ha

10 am beach and that too in the month of MAY..

Spent some time and took photos and attaching here the same for your views.

We spent time with the local and ROAMING AROUND THE COUNTRY SIDE without any goal but with a singular motive to know more about the place and their customs..

The children were Crab Hunting and they posed us with various gymnastics.

Birds of Adirampattinam

Adirampattinam Sea

Came to know about how the Maraikayar evolved over a time.

During the early days this town was into trading through sea and they used boats made of Country wood which translates to Marakkalam in tamil and those who used these boats were called Marakkalarayar  and by time it became Maraikayar.. Interesting right..

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