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தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே - GST

(This is not to hurt anyone but happened to me. Hence thought of sharing my experience with fellow "Common Men and Women")

There is a reason for me to keep the title as "தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே" and the same is revealed at the end of this post. 

Had tried my level best to keep the post humorous mixing it with our apathy and with liberal puns but without any want of hurting anyone. 

                 "Humour is the best medicine and i need it all"

This happened few days before GST launch.

A friend and I were watching TV and all channels were telecasting various details about the proposed GST.

In all naïveté, I asked my friend: Machan, இந்த GSTkku ஏன் திடீர்னு இவ்ளோ மதிப்பு?

My friend: Looked at me puzzled and confused - both at the same time.

Me: GSTna "Grand Southern Trunk" road தானே. "அதான் regulara "Toll Rate" increase பன்றாங்களே இப்போ என்னவாம்", என்றேன். ரெண்டு வருஷத்துக்கு முன்னாடி Rs.35/-  இருந்த செங்கல்பேட் Toll இன்னிக்கி Rs.55/- ஆயிடுச்சே.... 

My friend: ரொம்ப கேவலமான ஒரு looka விட்டு , மச்சி GSTna Goods and Services Tax என்று சொல்லிவிட்டு என்னமோ "Newton's 4th Law" கண்டுபிடிச்ச மாதிரி பீல் பண்ணான்.

Me: Decided to watch and observe closely on this GST phenomenon from that day.

There were paper adverts placed by the Central Government mentioning, these many items do not fall under any tax, "X" number of items will fall under or equal to 12% bracket and ONLY "Y" number of items will fall in the 18% and above bucket.

Wow.... "this is great" was my immediate feeling and went to bed on 30th June night.

GST was launched on the midnight of 30th June 2017 in the Parliament.

I woke up and things were normal.

Sun rose in the east and was shining. The crow was cawing as usual. Life was usual

                                                           until I.....

Went to the usual Super Market for the monthly grocery purchase. It's a regular monthly list and hence i remember the monthly billing and also as i pay only through credit card, it was available in my email box.

But when the bill came, it was higher than the monthly average by some 12.5%. i was puzzled.

The counter lady realised my confusion and told me, "Sir, GST add ஆகியிருக்கு அதான்"...

My face is so transparent it seems, she easily gauged my feeling. 😃.

I asked her, how did you find that out, she replied, "Sir, from the morning this is what is happening with almost all the customers."

I realised:

                          "நான் தனியா இல்ல ஒரு கூட்டமே feel பண்ணி இருக்கு".

Paid and then went out to take my 2 wheeler from the road side parking, the token attendant came running towards me.

I felt, "வண்டிய park பண்ணும்போது எங்க இருக்காங்கன்னே தெரியல ஆனா எடுக்கும்போது எப்பிடியோ வந்துறாங்க"... and took out the Rs.10/- and gave him.

He thanked me and turned around to go away, i called him out and asked "தம்பி Token".

Chandramukhi Rajini sir மாதிரி 3 times திரும்பினான், அதுவும் , slow motionla.

எனக்கு கொஞ்சம் பயமாதான் இருந்தது ஆனா வெளிய காட்டிக்கல.

He uttered something under his breathe... I can realise those were "Un-Parliamentary" words but he gave me the token. As generally all "Common Man" does, i took the token from him, without any protest, silently moved out from that place before things go further south.

All i asked was for the legitimate token for which i paid the money also.

Then went to the usual hotel in Pondy Bazaar and sat in the usual table and ordered the usual cup of Filter Coffee. 

(எப்பா எத்தன "usual" ஒரு sentencela. Usualvala நான் இவ்ளோ usual use பண்ண மாட்டேன். ஹி.. ஹி.. ஹி.. )

When the bill came, it was again higher than the last time, i looked up at the waiter.. he nodded...understood the puzzled look in my face and said that magic word

                                                  "GST.. SAAR"

I also nodded back, took the bill to the counter..paid the bill...

The waiter followed me and stood next to me, expecting a tip. But with a straight face, i told him...

"Sorry தம்பி.. GST and already my monthly budget exceeded by 12.5% ".

He was confused on me mentioning 12.5%, but you guys know that, anyways.

He also uttered something under his breathe... I can realise those were "Un-Parliamentary" words but like all "Common Man" I silently moved out that place before things go further south. All i said was my apathy as to why i was unable to TIP him, but in return it was earful for me .... what to do... way of life...

                                               Waiter's Loss.... GST's Gain

Came out of the hotel and started riding, but my mind was pre-occupied with what happened in the last 45 minutes or so - from the billing counter of the super market to the billing counter in the hotel.

1)12.5% increase in the monthly budget

2) Not given the Rs.10 token and when asked for, you all know what happened

3) Price increase of the "USUAL" Filter Coffee 

4) and listening to all those unparliamentary words.

and in this process, forgot to wear my helmet and the Traffic Policeman near the Pondy Bazaar signal promptly stopped me and fined me with Rs.100/-

I asked him: "Sir இது with GSTயா இல்ல without GSTயா?

The Policeman first thought am kidding him, but after seeing my face, he recognised/realised that i was not joking (I assume - அவரும் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர் போல)

ரொம்ப ஆறுதலாக அவர் சொன்னார் : "தம்பி இதுக்கெல்லாம் இன்னும் GST வரலப்பா"...

Me: Sir... "இன்னு ஒரு முறை சொல்லுங்க" என்றேன் ரகத்தோடு....

Policeman: "தம்பி இதுக்கெல்லாம் இன்னும் GST வரலப்பா"...

என் காதுல அந்த வார்த்தைகள் ரீங்காரம் இட்டன...

Echo effect inside my ear was and is as below....

"தம்பி இதுக்கெல்லாம் இன்னும் GST வரலப்பா"
           "இதுக்கெல்லாம் இன்னும் GST வரலப்பா"
                                         "இன்னும் GST வரலப்பா"

                                                         "GST வரலப்பா"




                      இந்த "GST இல்லப்பான்னு" அந்த Police man சொன்னதுதான்
                                                "தேன் வந்து பாயுது காதினிலே"


Anonymous said...

It was assumed tat gst will make middle and lower class economy will be easier but it's complete cheating. Rich gets richer and poor gets poor

kavi said...

Thank you for post and your blog. My friend showed me your blog and I have been reading it ever since.Tamil News