Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Navagraha Temples in TamilNadu - Where or which are the temples for the remaining 4 Planets?

Did a Navagraha trip with few friends of mine. To be exact, it was 4 of us.

We started off on a Friday evening (around 2PM) and reached Chennai by Sunday Night (around 10PM). We drove down and yes, we did this trip in exactly 2 days.

Which route we took, how was the travel and where we stayed and above all what we discussed and researched are for a separate blog in itself, but this is to get a clarity for myself on the following and in-turn help us in arriving at a clarity or further help for us to research more in this line of thought.

We all know Navagraha translates as Nine Planets and those Nine Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with Sun as the center pivot around which all these rotates and revolves.

And we all also know that Moon, as Wikipedia says, is in synchronous rotation with Earth and it is the only Natural Satellite of Earth. This rules out the possibility of Moon being a planet.

We also know that Rahu and Kethu, as our Grandmother's tale has to say, are considered as two giant snakes which are responsible for the eclipses that occur. Science says, these eclipses occur because of the positioning and movement of Earth, Moon and Sun.

Now coming back to my doubt, the Navagraha temples in TamilNadu are as listed below:

Had associated the temples and planets with them for ease of reference:

  1. Sooriyanar Temple (Sun - Not a Planet) 
  2. Thingaloor              (Moon - Not a Planet)
  3. Vaidheeswaran Koil (Chevvai - Associated to Planet Mars)
  4. Thiruvengadu           (Bhudhan - Associated to Planet Mercury)
  5. Alangudi                 (Guru Bhagavan - Associated to Planet Jupiter)
  6. Kanchanoor             ( Sukran - Associated to Planet Venus)
  7. Thirunallaru           ( Sani Bhagavan - Associated to Planet Saturn)
  8. Thirunageswaram   ( Raghu Sthalam - No Planet can be associated)
  9. Keezhaperumpallam ( Kethu Sthalam - No Planet can be associated)
Out of the nine temples, Sun and Moon cannot be considered as Planets. 

There is no temple for the Planet Earth in this Navagraha Circuit and it leaves us with the remaining 8 planets to do the math as below.

Rahu and Kethu, as being said, are responsible for Eclipses and as stated above, the eclipses occur because of Earth, Moon and Sun's positions and no other Planets are involved in this except for Earth and in turn for Earth, there is no temple in this Navagraha Temple circuit.

This essentially rules out Sun, Moon, Raghu and Kethu from the Navagraha Temples along with Earth.

So if we remove these 4 temples from this circuit that leaves us with only 5 temples. 

Am able to associate 5 planets namely Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in that order.

So which or where are the temples for the remaining 4 planets including PLANET EARTH?!

Need help and inputs, please.

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