Sunday, June 28, 2020

Like Stand-up Comedy.... Trying my hands, literally, in Write-Up Comedy - There is a Cow...

Yes, this is not new, but like the word which is in-vogue now, "The New Normal".. am trying to give this a try... What " Trying to give this a try ah??"..

Machan.... "YOU HAVE IT IN YOU DA..." "You Can do it"....

Thanks Nanba.... 

Am a big fan of Yogi and the Baggy, the Stand-up Comedians from Tamilnadu.

"Yogi is Alexander Babu and Baggy is...... Baggy"....

So here's what am trying to create...

How to write in such a fashion, so that, the readers can enjoy as if this is a "Stand-up .... Write-Up Comedy..

My friend told me... need to ask them, first... "Pls imagine me standing there with a mike in my hand." 

Super idea... Then machan...

 " Ahan... yellame naanga solluvoma.. neeyum konjum yosi... Machi".. 

(That's... You expect everything to be told, use your brain in tamil.... Doesn't it look like a Management Jargon...😈)

"Romba Thanks Machi".

Will start off with something like this and will try to improve along the way..

May be use more emojis or memes in the write-up, 😮emphaaaaaassssssiiiiizzzzing 😮certain words..

Yes I just tried to Emphasize ---- the word Emphasize..😁.

Sample as below:

My reference point is the many travels i did .. Pre Google Maps Era..

If we ask someone how to go to a place while traveling in the Highways, the erstwhile Google Maps.... Am referring to the people to whom we ask the Direction... 😂..

If it is near, then they will say ----- Neraaa poonga (Go straight in Tamil)

If it long, then it is ------ Neeraaaaaa Poonga

If it is too long.... "Yeah, you guys guessed it correctly" ----  Neeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa Ponga

No emphasizing on "ponga" (Go in Tamil) only on "Nera"(Straight in Tamil)

Hence "Readers, PLEASE DIGEST"... Please.... No reference to that book which we all grew up reading..

Sample as below:

On one of the many trips down the ECR to Pondicherry....

Immediately my friend asked "Machan, Why many trips to Pondicherry?".. As if he don't know..

Those who know... know... those who don't know.. Let Peace Prevail on them 😎...

So coming back ------

On one of the many trips to Pondy, yeah, we affectionately call it as Pondy ----- 

The way we call Mahabalipuram as Mahabs,

Boopathi as Bunny

Sriram as Sri

Vijay as Vijay only ("Dei.. adhukku mela short panna mudiyadhu da" - Tamil for -You can't shorten this any more)

Yathindhar as Yathin

Seethapathi as Sunny ( As in SUN - SUNNY )😇... Got you... Dirty Minds....

there is this board, indicating the route to Alampara Fort.

Once you travel 91.2 Kms from Thiruvanmiyur RTO office towards Pondy,

Yes exactly 91.2 kms not a meter more or less, failing which you will miss the left turn.

So, when you there, "Turn Left,,,, Turn Left,,, Turn Left....)

That beautiful voice from GMaps..

Ada Okay ma... 

Will turn ma... 

Yes ma... taking the turn ma... 

please wait ma... There is a Cow in the middle of the road ma...

So, the fact gets established here again, if a LADY is talking.... IT's ALWAYS ONE WAY.. Until you OBLIGE and do as you were told.. Yeah... Universal Truth... Even if it is DIGITAL...

You will arrive at the destination " On your Straight"... Hangover from Google Maps Navigation voice over. Kindly adjust. 😊.

PS: The reason for me to use smileys, is just to give the readers, what's going on in my mind, while writing this. More like Stand-up Comedy.. This is "Write - Hence Read - up Comedy"


Unknown said...

Excellent effort and I could really visualise you doing stand up and delivering this

Unknown said...

I realised my name did not appear, hence the 2nd comment. S v Balaji