Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sun Set at Alampara Fort - Fort Series 1

Am trying something new... well.. rather old... rather the new normal...

Write-up Comedy -1

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Alampara Fort by evening.

On one of the many trips down the ECR to Pondicherry....

Immediately my friend asked "Machan, Why many trips to Pondicherry?".. As if he don't know..

Those who know... know... those who don't know.. Let Peace Prevail on them 😎...

Photos for you:

Alampara - Fort. Hide and Seek with the Sun

So coming back, on one of the many trips to Pondy, yeah, we affectionately call it as Pondy.. The way we call Mahabalipuram as Mahabs, there was this board, indicating the route to Alampara Fort.

Don't know how i missed that board on my several trips and hence we decided to take the detour to Alampara.

Alampara Fort - Setting Sun is always a Joy for me.

Once you travel 91.2 Kms from Thiruvanmiyur RTO office towards Pondy, there will be a small board on your left, yes, if you travel beyond 91.2 KMS, you are certain to miss that board.😉.

Take the left and travel another 4 kms in the country road, in between there will be a small bridge over the Buckhingham Canal, please do drive through and continue on the same road.

Alampara Fort by Evening

You will arrive at the destination " On your Straight"... Hangover from Google Maps Navigation voice over. Kindly adjust. 😊.

We reached this "Oh once so Great and not at all place now".

Very nice place for taking photos and spend some solitary time seeing the Sea.

If you are traveling by the day, please do carry enough water, eateries, wear a cap or carry an umbrella.

If you are traveling by the evening, pls leave that place by 7Pm. 

My Companion 1 for the evening

Companions 2 for the evening

Companions 3 for the evening

Few more shots, before we wind up for the day..

But i sincerely left that place with a heavy heart...

You know why??? If so, please let me know as i DON'T KNOW WHY 😇

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