Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Sun - Series 1 - Summer is the only season for 12 months in Tamilnadu during which it might rain...

Sun - Always fascinates me - Either as a Subject in itself or because of the light it gives at different time of the same day creating the surreal lighting conditions and also the lack of it giving altogether a different different view for the same subject.

By the way there is only one season in Tamilnadu - SUMMER, through out the year for all 12 months... and during that summer season we might get RAIN and at some times a cool climate.

What - through out the year for all 12 months 😱  - is there any difference or does any year have 13 months? Just emphasizing and trying to gain --- Sympathy or Empathy??? 😖.. Hey... am confused... 

Just go ahead and enjoy the various hues of the SUN and don'f forget to leave your comments, Please

Here are few, taken at various locations - seasons - various time of the day.

Morning Sun - Playing Hide and Seek - Mahabs

Sun-Set - From one of my highway travels

A burning field but sun in the back-drop

For the uninitiated, the field was burnt by the farmer only. This is a regular activity after a harvest season. Not an accident.

Pigeon in the foreground - atop a building in Karaikudi

Now moving from being "As hot as Sun"  - 😉 - To Sun in Rainy Season..

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