Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Lee Iacocca, Captain Gopinath, Jeff Bezos and Tony Hsieh - Various times in my life - Books

These 4 gentlemen and their books had Shaped - Shaping - will continue to Shape my Life.

I always keep going to these books at regular intervals to LEARN

I strongly believe that the books will choose it's reader at the correct point in time of his/her life to help you, guide you and keeping you away from any negative thoughts or depression.

The various stages at which the books introduced itself.

Late 1990's - Lee Iacocca 

Early 2010's - Simplyfly - Captain Gopinath - Deccan Airways

Mid 2010's - The Everything Store - Jeff Bezos -

Late 2010's - Delivering Happiness - Tony Hsieh -

Though these are very important books, also have close-to-heart-books.

Will list them in my other posts.

PS: Completed marathon reading of Simplyfly, this past weekend.

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