Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Great Indian Road Trip - www.xbhp.com

Truly inspiring...Awesome..

Was longing to buy myself a Bajaj Avenger for quite sometime as an alternate for my car, and was searching the net about the details and stumbled upon this "The Great Indian Road Trip"...

Beautiful... The courage of these guys is really commendable and i do envy them for what they had achieved while many others including me is only thinking and planning and postponing without any valid reason but only the fear to break out of our safety zone of 9 to 6 job stopping us.

These guys had the courage above all including their perseverance, patience, lost opportunities, failures, the "No - This cannot be done" looks from others", Let us see - " These guys are going to fall on their face" etc..comments from others.


I really envy the kind of experience these guys would have had, the opportunity to see INDIA in it's all beauty and raw, the various facets of life and humans, the various challenges this trip would have offered them, the various life lessons they would have learnt, the bond that would have happened among them as a team...BEAUTIFUL...

Hats off to you guys... Keep Roaring..Keep Going..

One fine day, would do certainly something of this sort by myself..


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