Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Travel to Mahabalipuram alias Mahabs

It was a Sunday morning and with no plans for the day. (As always..which sunday is planned :-))

It was bright and sunny and thought of hitting the ECR (East Coast Road), Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Post crossing Neelangarai and VGP Golden really was great to drive through.

Rolled down my windows to enjoy the sea breeze.

Spent time where ever i wished too..with no particular agenda and only with my camera as a companion which inevitably is and would be always.

The sun providing a great support for the lighting.. Am totally convinced that available light is the best light for photography..Yes, we may not be able to control it but the hue and the depth and the contrast and for the shadows it provides.. Out of the world and with no comparison.

The "Road Less Traveled" - of course for me and by now this road has become one of my ever favorite..

Travel to Mahabalipuram

First pit stop was near a back water and by the time i reached, the Sun was on his way back home which provided for some beautiful reflections and a sample is below.

Travel to Mahabalipuram

Travel to Mahabalipuram

Totally mesmerized by this show of nature and Water and Sun, spent more than an hour and out of which close to 45 mts was just sitting and observing/absorbing this show.

Then headed toward Mahabs without any heart to leave this place.

Spent time with the locals and the sculptors and certainly not in the beach.

Lord Vinayaga or Pillayar (as in tamil) is one god with whom we can fight/experiment/spend time and  mold him as per our requirement and a sample is as below..

Travel to Mahabalipuram

All is well and by the time i felt a little exhausted after all this, IT'S TIME FOR REJUVENATING AND COOL ONESELF WITH A BEER...My heart always thank Mr.Vijay Mallaya..the KING OF GOOD TIMES. HA HA HA...

Straight headed to one of the resorts that dotted the coast of Mahabalipuram.

Travel to Mahabalipuram

And that's how my sojourn ended..

Bye Bye Mahabs but not for the last time..

Will come back with another location tomorrow and this time it's going to be...I MYSELF DON'T KNOW THAT FOR NOW...

Thanks God..  I Love what am doing...

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