Friday, December 2, 2011

Mayakkam Enna and Howz Monday Morning - Similarities

Actually am elated, impressed,  inspired rather top of the world

It was early 2009 and was part of a training program.

The trainer was Mr.Anil Chawla and the training was Brain Mapping.

During the break, was discussing with him about my hobbies and interests which includes photography, direction and acting and during the course of the conversation, Anil asked me whether i can make a short film based on "Follow your Passion" to be precise " Follow your Heart" and for which he himself was a standing example who "Followed his Heart".

 We agreed upon and met during the subsequent week ends and decided to go ahead in making a short film on the subject and which would be not more than 20 mts as the same was for his training sessions.

Come May 2009, with my circle of friends, we debated and finally concluded a script which has 2 leads and would run well within 20 mts and that too within a specified budget - monetarily as well as time bound.

We started on a Saturday morning and wrapped up the entire shoot the next evening with editing, dubbing and BGM left out and which we eventually finished in the next 3 days.

Produced by Anil Chawla of Peoplecraft -

The output was good and well appreciated.

Now coming to the similarities between Mayakkam Enna and Howz Monday Morning?

1) I play a character who knows only photography and nothing else

2) Continuously tries to become a "Wild Life Photographer"

3)  Tries his level best to have an initial break but only rejections

4) Totally perturbed by the happenings but resolves to Follow his passion - Come what may

5) Sends photo to organisation but only rejections followed

6) Displays his photograph and eventually gets his first break

7) After sometime and with persistence, eventually gets the break he was waiting and wanting for and becomes a Wild Life Photographer..

Post watching the movie, was totally moved and almost in tears out of joy... Why so?

Is it because someone of Selvaraghavan's calibre had thought in the same line as a bunch of few youngsters did a couple of years before?


Is it because Dhanush, whom i admire, respect and look upto for his acting skills and small small nuances he brings into the character he portrays did the character which i did a couple of years before?


Is it because as a team we guys do dare to think differently?


Is it because many a friends who had seen both Howz Monday Morning and Mayakkam Enna appreciated us for what we did a couple of years before?


Is it.......................??????

Many more questions like this and many more ORs!!!!!!

One more add on fact is that, we did this well before 3 Idiots and if am right, 3 Idiots got released in the fag end of 2009 or early 2010.

Watching 3 Idiots itself gave me a boost but Mayakkam Enna completely took me over and was elated and proud at the same time.

Actually am elated, impressed, inspired rather top of the world...


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