Saturday, December 31, 2011

Travel to Yercaud - Salem

One Friday evening, out of the blue, my  friend suggested Yercaud.

Had long since had the idea to travel to Yercaud, but somehow it never materialized.

As we had no other commitments for the weekend, we agreed upon and started to Yercaud.

Transportation was never a problem as we had our own FORD IKON.

Started by around 8:30 in the night and took or first break at Villupuram for dinner.

Post that, we decided that our next stop would be only Yercaud, of course we did took breaks here and there for nature's call but he decision was to reach Yercaud  without any extended breaks -Not even for photos.

We stayed at one of the resort and the rooms were really good and affordable and a good service as well.

Yercaud Resort
Yercaud Resort

With information from the reception, we jotted down few places of interests and post fresh up started exploring Yercaud.
Yercaud Flower
Yercaud Flower

Yercaud, still not congested or as polluted like Ooty or Kodai and the weather was equally good.

Really don't know why Yercaud is termed as Poor Man's Ooty.

It has really some good place to offer for sight seeing as mentioned below.

The famous Montford School where our own Actor "Chiyaan" Vikram studied is also a place of visit for me as am an ardent fan of him who had given us wonderful movies and memorable performances and to name a few films - Sethu, Kasi, Pithamagan, Samurai, Ravanan and to the latest Deiva Thirumagal. Somehow am no able to give the same rating to the recently released Rajapattai.

Yercaud Pagoda Point
Yercaud Pagoda Point

As many would know, Yercaud is located in the Shervaroys ranges. The name Shervaroy had originated from the Servarayan Temple which is situated atop the hills in a cave. The cave in itself holds many a mysteries.

Near Servarayan Temple
Near Servarayan Temple

The Pagoda point is one other place of visit, don't get any ideas, not much to say but if your visit time is evening, the Sun set gives you plenty of opportunity for taking best of the best photos and few are as below. THAT'S A WOW...
Cinnamon Trees
Cinnamon Trees
 The Cinnamon trees in Yercaud with the sun behind is a good one for the photographers

Yercaud Hills
Yercaud Hills - Eastern Ghats
                                              The view from the Watch tower in Yercaud

Yercaud View Point
Yercaud View Point

 The Watch Tower near the Servarayan Temple

Travel to Yercaud
Travel to Yercaud

The major places of visits are as follows :
  1. Yercaud Lake
  2. Lady's Seat -  View Point
  3. Killiyur Falls
  4. The Servarayan Temple
  5. Bear’s Cave
  6. Green House
  7. Pagoda Point
  8. Silk Farm and Rose Garden.
After a full day visit, yes nothing much but a real good place to visit with family and friends and to spend some quality time as there in not much pressure the way we feel at Ooty or Kodai (to visit more places)

Would recommend this place for anyone and everyone who likes to spend time with Family in a serene and calm atmosphere..

Bye Bye Yercaud...

Will be back with some other location...

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Ur review for yercaud is very nice.
Can u tell the resort' name and contact no which u have shown in pic.